Harold Zwiers - 19th Internat. Barcelona with YAIKA!

Harold Zwiers got a very good result from the legendary flight from Barcelona.
His YAIKA - a direct daughter of DE DEUGNIET - became 19th International (17th National and 9th National Hens) of 20.669 pigeons!


The pedigree of YAIKA

DE DEUGNIET - the sire of YAIKA

Last year - a fullbrother - JONGE BARCELONA - was Harolds 1st pigeon from Barcelona 2013.
It was a very tough race - and he clocked at 17.26 from the 1.275 km - 823 mpm.
He made 1st in Afd. 9, Fondclub 7/629, Fondunie 26/1518, National ZLU 130/6912.
And this year the same pigeon made National ZLU 263/5423.


Harold had a good serie from Barcelona this year - these 2 pigeons first - and his 3rd pigeon was a daughter of his basic breeder MORSIE.

We send our greetings to Harold - and wish you all the best of look for the rest of the season!

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