Comb. P & S Verbeek - grandson MIDNIGHT at Bert Meijer - sire 1st Ruffec Sect. 4!

Again a terrific reference to the pigeons from P & S Verbeek - Hot news!
This time Bert Meijer was 1st from Ruffec in sector 4 against 3.237 pigeons - 10 minutes ahead of number 2 in the sector - 90 minutes ahead of number 2 in the afdeling!!

Below the pedigree of the sire to this topper - actually the dam is a hen from Theo de Gruijter - that he made from a hen from Cor Van Der Ploeg and, yes, a cock from P & S Verbeek.

NL04-1959895 MIDNIGHT
2nd - 12.270 p. National Bordeaux
10th - 5.201 p. National St.Vincent
45th - 10.903 p. National Bergerac
116th - 5.232 p. National St. Vincent
268th - 5.210 p. National Tarbes
311th - 7.440 p. National Montauban
690th - 6.198 p. Creil
653rd - 3.499 p. Ablis
3882th - 15.848 p. Le Mans

1st Olympiad Sportclass Marathon Nederland
2nd Acepigeon 2007 SGO & Rijnmond 2000
2nd Acepigeon Sector 2 Marathon NPO 2007
14th National Acepigeon Marathon 2007
Winner National Autopoele Bordeaux 2008

This pure Saya pigeon was clocked at midnight from Bergerac. He became 2nd Acepigeon Sector 2 2007 and 14th Acepigeon National Long Distance. He was Co-winner National Championship Long Distance 2007 and Co-winner National Marathon 2008.
And as you can see above - his lines are very important in the breeding today at the loft of Verbeek.

And now also greatgrandsire 1st Ruffec Sector 4 2014 ;-)

We cross our fingers for Verbeek and wish they all the best of luck in the season on the coming long distance flights!

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