Comb. P & S Verbeek - grandson DELGADO at Henk Curvers 1st Nat. Agen Yearlings!

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We can continue the article about Comb. Verbeek with a magneficient topresult 1st Nat. Agen Yearlings Holland!
Last weekend Henk Curvers got 1st National Agen against 4.379 yearlings with a grandson from DELGADO of Comb. P & S Verbeek!
We send our congratulations to both Mr. Curvers - and the family Verbeek ;-)

NL02-1533431 DELGADO
This is a late youngster from 2002 that has become a well-trained yearling after some tough winter trainings.
In his first year he did not race any overnight longdistance races, but eventhough he ended up with a fantastic line of results:
1st National Acepigeon Perpignan 4 year ranking 2004 / 2007
2nd National Acepigeon Perpignan 3 year ranking 2005 / 2007
5th National Acepigeon Perpignan 5 year ranking 2003 / 2007
6th National Acepigeon Perpignan 5 year ranking 2004 / 2008

31st National Perpignan 7.645 pigeons and 87th International 17.570 pigeons in 2004
63rd National Perpignan 6.300 pigeons and 212th International 17.653 pigeons in 2005
885th National Barcelona 6.777 pigeons and 1934th International 22.887 pigeons in 2006
344th National Perpignan 4.719 pigeons and 993rd International 14.812 pigeons in 2006
25th National Perpignan 5.294 pigeons and 420th International 15.087 pigeons in 2007

After these achievements and being grandfather of the 1st Acepigeon Sector 2, (AMIGO), it was decided to give him a regular place in the breeding loft.

And now also grandsire 1st National Agen 2014 ;-)

We cross our fingers for Verbeek and wish they all the best of luck in the season on the coming long distance flights!

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