Comb. Van Rijn-Meeder - fantastic weekend in august!

This season has already been a great season for Comb. Van Rijn-Meeder!
We have written about superresults during the season - and now again - look at this serie!!

Afdeling 12 from Sk. Niklaas of 2.718 pigeons: 2-3-4-8-56-61-66-73-76-77-80-83-84-90-109-113-116-123 etc.

Once again "Toursje" was the topper - she was also 2nd NPO Afd. 12 from Tours in June (15th National against 18.450 pigeons in sector 2!)The family is the old lines with mix of "Favoriet uit de 483" from Jan Ouwerkerk is you can see on the pedigree below:

Last year the nestsister of "Toursje" - "Sensje" - made 4th NPO from Sens - in the total release 8th National Sector 2 against more than 19.500 pigeons!

The 3rd pigeon from Sk. Niklaas was "Jannie 537" - see her pedigree here:

We send our greetings to Van Rijn-Meeder - fantastic season!
We look forward to open auction with these topfanciers late november!

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