Comb. Van Rijn-Meeder - 2 times "TeleText" already!

This season has already been a great season for Comb. Van Rijn-Meeder!
In May they succeeded 7th of 4.890 pigeons from the NPO flight from Mantes La Jolie

This was the magneficient hen "Unootje" - a real big star already.
In addition to this NPO-top this hen has also been 2nd Afd. 12 of 5.586 pigeons, 7th NPO 5.413 pigeons, 23rd NPO 2.398 pigeons and 27th Afd. 12 of 11.529 pigeons!

In June they went to the top again - with 2nd NPO Afd. 12 from Tours - 15th National against 18.450 pigeons in Sector 2 !

This hen "Toursje" was also 13th overall in 4 acg's in a strong western wind - very nice result!
The family is the old lines with mix of "Favoriet uit de 483" from Jan Ouwerkerk is you can see on the pedigree below:

Last year the nestsister of "Toursje" - "Sensje" - made 4th NPO from Sens - in the total release 8th National Sector 2 against more than 19.500 pigeons!


This weekend (July 7th) Comb. Van Rijn-Meeder had a marvellous result with the youngsters!
St. Niklaas of 10.765 youngsters - a super serie: 3-4-5-6-7-9-12-13-14-69-91-103-123-129-132-142-145 etc.

More about this star combination:

Leo Van Rijn
The senior partner of this combination, does not need any introduction. This 55 year old houseplant grower from the western part of Holland, has in the last 25 years reached the pinnacle of the pigeonsport, by winning many championships. These championships were won by the many top pigeons Leo manages to breed, year after year. One of the very best is the “King” who became the #1 Ace Pigeon at the Middle Distance of all Holland, in 1991. These championships were won in both the W.H.Z.B. and Vredesduif Competition, a feat never accomplished before or since. By reading the references, you can find a long list of fanciers that have succeeded with the van Rijn pigeons. Leo, a very busy businessman, had less and less time to devote to the pigeons and he felt it was the right time to take on a partner. Jeroen Meeder, a young man from a neighboring town was available. Jeroen worked at that time less hours then Leo and he could fill in, the afternoons when Leo could not break away from his business, to take care of the pigeons. This combination has worked here very well and certainly has not hurt the performances of the van Rijn pigeons, as they have not skipped a beat.

Jeroen Meeder
This 32 years young man from Delft, started with the pigeonsport through his father Jaap Meeder, himself a long time fancier, who enjoyed excellent results. When these results started to fade, it was decided in the fall of 1991 to acquire 6 eggs from Leo van Rijn. These eggs came from the three best widowers at that time, the “Keizer”, the “King” (1st NAT Ace Middle Dist.) and the “Hertog”, three brothers out of the found pair line A. Out of these 6 eggs, came 6 young ones and the results were that in 2 years time they went from so, so results, to winning the Rayon Championship with young birds in 1993. In 1996 they did even better, finishing 1st Champion in Rayon Delfland and 2nd Champion Loft at the Middle Distance in the Kuststrook (2000 lofts) behind Leo van Rijn himself. This was a result that never was accomplished by any fancier from Delft. That year they also won the 5th Ace middle dist. Cocks All Holland. When father Jaap Meeder had to leave the pigeonsport a short while later, son Jeroen joined Leo van Rijn to form the new combination. As said, this combination has worked very well and certainly has not hurt the performances.

The old lines are built of pigeons from Janssen, Tournier and Meulemans. I november 2010 Van Rijn-Meeder chose to sell all their pigeons (except yearlings and youngsters) via De Duif - so 2011 was a new beginning.

With this success in 2012 already, we are sure that we will see much more to Van Rijn-Meeder this season!

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