Vanoppen-Luyten - 5th Nat. Champs continues 2012 where they left 2011.

In 2011 Vanoppen-Luyten became 5th National Champions on the short middle distance in KBDB, Belgium. And it seems like they are focusing on 2012 as well!

Already within the first months they have achieved amazing results on the loft in Herk-de-Stad like:

12/05/2012 Toury (386km) Interprovincial Petit Club Fleurus 2.134 Old pigeons:
1st and 65th (2/2)

12/05/2012 Melun (310km) West-Limburg 1.418 Old pigeons:
3-6-10-31-46-54-77-78-112-134-183-227-300-301-311 (15/17 p.)

12/05/2012 Melun (310km) Club 234 Yearlings:
1-4-5-9-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-20-23-24-28-29-30-31-36-39-46-51-55-56-57-64-67 (27/53 p.)

12/05/2012 Melun (310 km) West-Limburg 1.448 Yearlings:
1-8-9-24-50-51-52-54-55-56-57-63-82-97-114-127-130-131-155-164-215-239-296-298-299 (25/53 p.)

From 19 basketted pigeons 17 went in the prizes 12 in the first 10%
The first yearling made 1228,68 mpm the fastest in both middle and western sector of 5.423 pigeons. 63% of the old pigeons were in 10%.

02/06/2012 Gien (405 km) Old birds:
Local 66 old: 1-2-3-4-5-6 (6/8)
183 old: 1-3-7-14-17-22 (6/8)
Western Limburg 446 old: 2-6-16-31-36-47 (6/8)
The province of Limburg 2.877 old: 6-12-33-76-82-106 (6/8)

02/06/2012 Gien (405 km) Yearlings:
Local 74 yearlings: 1-3-4-5-6-7-8-11-12-15-16-18-19-20-21-22-25 (17/37)
209 yearlings: 2-6-8-9-10-11-16-20-23-24-27-32-33-34-38-44 (17/37)
Western Limburg 496 yearlings: 6-12-14-16-22-23-25-29-35-40-41-47-56-63-64-71-83-112 (18/37)
The province of Limburg 2.185 yearlings: 8-17-19-23-33-34-41-51-60-69-70-81-104-119-120-145-170 (17/37)

02/06/2012 Chateauroux (523 km) Old birds:
Local 195 old: 6-14-15-30-34-40-41-43-49-61 (10/12)
The procince of Limburg 1.509 old: 21-60-61 (3/12)
20 basketted old pigeons: 15/20 in 25% with 9 in 10% = 45%
37 basketted yearlings: 23/37 in 25% with 17 in 10 % = 46%

In 1982 it all began when Patrick and his grandfather Pol Celis started with racing pigeons. They started primary on the short distance and already in 1983 and 1984 they were champions with the youngsters.

In the late eighties they bought more pigeons to the breeding loft and it resulted in acepigeons and championships in the strong longdistance-club OBRAFO in Tienen. Already at this time Patrick Vanoppen got remarkable results like in 2003 with 2nd National acebird on the middle distance and in 2004 the 2nd for the national championship on the middle distance. In 2005 they sent a superpigeon "OLYMPIC HERO" to to the Olympics in Porto for Belgium.

In 2004 Niels the son of Patrick joined the loft with a big passion of the pigeons in addition with Carlo Luyten.

The basislines today are Houben, Verbruggen, Engels, Vansweefelt, Janssen and Stoces.

In 2005 they started investing enormous in several more pigeons to the loft Herk-de-Stad all in close family with acepigeons and olympic pigeons. 5 children of "Siddhartha" (6th national acebird Jaco De Winter) went to the breeding loft. A son of "Pinocchio" (Houben) bred fantastic breeding and racing pigeons, such as 11th National Bourges against 12 945 pigeons. Three grandchildren of the "Kleine Dirk" by Gerard Koopman gave several first prizes including 5th National Bourges against 14 119 pigeons. In particular, a grandson of the 1st National AS-pigeon 'De Kannibaal' from Dirk van Dijk called the "Small Kannibaal" have exceptional offspring. He is i.e. father of 1st Inter-provincial Chateauroux.

In the year 2010 amazing 21 x 1st prizes went to the trio. With this the 1st I.Provinzial Bourges, 1st I.Provinzial Chateauroux, 2 x 1st OBRAFO Oost Sens, 2 x 1st Gies, 2 x 1st Soissons, 2 x 1st OBRAFO Oost Toury. This were supplemented by 10 positions at the provincial level: 1st Provinzial Gueret, 2nd Provincial Bourges, 3rd Provincial Geuret, 8 pigeons from 10 basketted the first 10% of Gien (locally 1st Prize), 9th Provincial La Souterraine, 12th Provincial Limoges, 7th Provincial Chateauroux, 13th Provinzial Chateauroux, 6th Provincial Bourges etc...

In the past 6 years, 5% of the old as well as yearlings have prizes in 1/100, 30% in 1/10 the price list and 65% in the prizes at the major flights of 300 km.

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