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Martin Hansen Manstrup (CEO/Partner)

Even though the pigeon sport is a minor-sport in Denmark, Martin has always believed in the fact that the internet surely is a World Wide Web - also for pigeon fanciers.
Because of that he created a small website for him and his brother Christian in 1998 to be able to communicate and interact with other fanciers all over the world. And from then - step by step - M&C Hansen have developed to be one of the most well-known pigeon sites all over the world.

Martin is graduated as AP Graduate in Computer Science and has worked with computers and the internet since 1990 so it has always been very natural for him to link between his love for the pigeon sport and the possibilities in the internet.

In 2000 Martin married Kristin from Norway - they live near Aalborg in the northern part of Denmark and they have a son called Marius from 2009 and a daughter Marie from 2015. Since the pigeon sport is so important for Martin, his son has been in the loft since he could walk, so we consider Marius and his mother to be a part of the team too ;)

Martin is racing together with his brother Christian - of course in the name M&C Hansen - their passion and dedicating for the sport gives top results every year. They have divided the loft in 2 - so that the racing pigeons are where Christian lives - and the breeders where Martin lives.

Contact Martin at martin@mchansen.net or cellphone +45 2124 6886.


Christian Manstrup Hansen (Agent Denmark/Norway/Sweden/Finland - Chairman/Partner)

Christian started with racing pigeons at age 11 when he - together with his brother Martin - saw pigeons flying in the air not far from their home. These flying creatures decoyed him - and his life has almost been pigeons ever since.
Always side by side with his brother he has also been a part of the developing of the M&C Hansen company during the years. With his excellent sense for good pigeons he is an important part of the selecting and quality assurance that is very important for the whole team.

Christian is graduated as Bachelor of Social Work. In 2003 he married Malene - they live near Aalborg in the northern part of Denmark and they have a son called Peter from 2005, a daughter Anne from 2008 and a daughter Stinne from 2014.

The racing loft of M&C Hansen is situated at Christian's farm so it is very natural for family and friends to find Christian at the pigeon loft. The racing team is mostly built up by pigeons for middle- and longdistance but the last 2 years pigeons for 2 days flights have joined the team in their separate loft. That team is built by pigeons from Jelle Jellema, Brouwers, Hebberecht, Emiel Denys, Batenburg-Vd-Merwe etc.

Contact Christian at christian@mchansen.net or cellphone +45 2266 7024.


Henrik Meldgaard (Partner)

Henrik got his first pigeons in an age of 11 - and like others young boys he just fell in love with these beautiful birds. After highschool he wanted to learn more about pigeons and moved to Belgium for half a year. His pigeon-teacher was Jef De Wilder, who worked at the Mariman factory - so Henrik got impulses by pigeons 24/7 at his time in Belgium. He learned a lot from De Wilder about pigeons - things that he today still believes in.

An important lesson was to work hard and serious with the pigeons and job every day - a lesson that Henrik is influenced by every day - working hard with the pigeons and still be able to run a successful business with 500 employees together with his sister and brother. The company Meldgaard is a very healthy business with activities within environment, transportation and industry - but the company has also a special department for small animals i.e. racing pigeons so Meldgaard is among other things the exclusive dealer for Versele-Laga in Scandinavia.

He is born in 1966 - married to Anja - and they have 4 children. They live in Aabenraa in the south of Denmark. Also their family is fully involved in racing pigeons. Henrik races very successfully in combination with his father in law under the name Meldgaard/Jeppesen. Their flock is built by pigeons from Jef De Wilder added with pigeons from Flor Engels, Flor Vervoort, Klaus Stieneker, Francois De Keyser etc.

Contact Henrik at henrik@mchansen.net or cellphone +45 2033 7230.

Morten Carstensen

Thomas Carstensen

Jacob Holm Pedersen
Sales Assistent Sales Assistent Sales Assistent




Robert Swanepoel (Agent South Africa)

Robert was born in 1964 and has always lived in Cape Town - now in the Durbanville area. He is married to Sone and they have 3 children.

He works as an accountant but is also the importer of the Benzing Electronic Times Systems into South Africa.

Robert has been involved with pigeons since he was a schoolboy.
Today he races under the name of Team Benzing with big success.
Their speciality is the young birds racing where the pigeons have proven to be almost unbeatable. With a small team he makes a lot of prices.

Contact Robert at robert@mchansen.net or cellphone +27 83 407 5249.


Martin Steffl (Agent Germany)

Martin Steffl is born in 1981 as first son of Franz Steffl. Directly of young age he followed his father in the pigeon lofts and was member in club. His first small loft with 4 boxes and 4 widowhood cocks in 1989 is still in his mind. From on 1991, only 10 years old, he managed his own youngbird loft and from 1992 started with this youngbirds as yearlings. Unfortuneately the seasons 1992 and 1993 were interrupted by crash races. From on 1995 the combination name was SG Steffl. First with no good results. But after the year 1999 with building a new loft in the garden and getting much better pigeons of the old Janssen and Camphuis base the success story started. From on 2002 top lofts all over Europe (Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, …) were visited only for seeing the top pigeons and their parents. With this feeling, of how a top pigeon has to look like and how is possible to breed them, the combination SG Steffl is nearly unbeatable in club and province since more then 10 years now.

With pigeon friends all over the world and contact to many top fanciers Martin Steffl stepped in October 2015 over to become a professional pigeon fancier. With their top results in program races of the last years a new challenge are since 2014 the one loft races worldwide. With the overwinning of the  3rd World Championship in 2015 in 2016 the pigeon career of Martin Steffl and his father Franz was crowned in 2016: FCI World Champion in 4 race competition and best results over 2 years in 2015 and 2016!

Contact Martin at info@sg-steffl.de or cellphone +49 172 64 60 533.


Ashikur Rahman (Agent Bangladesh)

Ashik was born in 1985 - always lived in the capital Dhaka in the Wari Area. He is recently married to Sabina.

He works as an Investment Banker at BRAC EPL Investments Ltd but is also the importer of Racing pigeons and pigeon accessories from All over Europe into Bangladesh.

Ashik has been involved with pigeons since he was a schoolboy back in the 90ties.
At that time it was mostly tippler and roller pigeons, but after 2005 European racing pigeons were introduced at Bangladesh.
Currently they have all famous lines in their country and loft.

Today he races under the name of Hazi Ibrahim-Ashik with big success.
Their specialty is the sprint racing where the pigeons have proven to be almost unbeatable. With sprint birds they makes a lot of prizes.

Contact Ashik at ashik@bracepl.com or cellphone +880 173 045 3233


周宥廷 David Chou (Agent Taiwan / China)

David was born in 1973 and has always lived in the central region of Taiwan.
Currently he is single.

Racing pigeons has been a big hobby for David since childhood. He started to race pigeons at the age of 16 and since then he has been involved with the sport.

By chance, David was commissioned by some Taiwanese fanciers to help bidding on our auctions. Since then he has been an honest and responsible agent with very good reputation from the customers.
"Customers first! Quality first!" is his purposes and principles.

David says: "I feel very honoured to be agent in team M&C Hansen"

Contact David at superpigeon16@yahoo.com.tw or cellphone +886 937 628 422

周宥廷 戴维 (代理中国/台湾)

从小就爱好养鸽16岁即开始参与比赛.对于赛鸽的热衷数十年不变.因缘际会下受托代理台湾鸽友竞标本站鸽子.历经数年于台湾多关竞翔中获得好评.诚以认真负责态度下树立专业代理形象.[以客户为尊 以质量为荣]能成为M-C Hansen代理商深感荣耀o

From Taiwan : 0937-628422
From China  : 00886 937 628 422
Skype : zhou you ting22

Email: superpigeon16@yahoo.com.tw


Arkaduisz "Arek" Maziarz (Agent Poland)

Arek is a young man born in 1990 - he lives in Tegoborze.

He has been a fancier since 2005 together with his father, who had had pigeons before so soon they got a good collection of pigeons. First pigeons were bought from H. Hirn, W. Berensfreise and H. Custers.

Already in 2007 they had the first toppers and since then they have won a lot of championship being one of the very best in the area.

In 2012 he had a superb season with almost 1st prices to all championsships and acepigeons.
So Arek is really a fancier with big F.

He is educated in germanistics with English on University PWSZ Nowy Sacz, but now he is 100% committed to his pigeons.

Contact Arek at aris3@poczta.onet.pl or cellphone +48 692 468 569


Vincent Thiriau (Agent France)

Vincent was born in 1975 and has been living in France in the Brittany region for 11 years. He is a company manager, married to Celine and a 10-year-old son Celestin who is also passionate about pigeons.

Originally from the Center region he took his first license in 1994 at the company of Montargis after a stop for professional reasons he took a license in 2016 in association with Patrick Michaut President of the 5th region of Colombophile.

The lofts are located near Orleans, and many purchases have been made at very good fanciers in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Vincent deals mainly with the administrative management and purchases within the colony.

Passionate about breeding and mating, he chose to introduce M&C HANSEN to French pigeon fanciers.

Contact Vincent at v.thiriau@wanadoo.fr or cellphone +33 (0) 6 32 73 99 96


Farhan Medsud (Agent Pakistan)

Farhan was born in 1987 and has been involved with pigeons since he was a kid. In 2004 he got officially involved with pigeons.

He graduated a master in Business Finance and P.Hd (MBA) and now he is in charge of two businesses - both in transport and in properties.
Farhan is also married.

Contact Farhan at farhanrdo@gmail.com or cellphone +92 333 925 9106 or +92 300 597 7402.


Viki Vignesh.C (Agent India)

Viki is proud to be a pigeon fancier and he works hard to develope the sport in India.

He is a young and dynamic man - born in 1989 - but has already been involved with racing pigeons in more than 10 years.

He is studying to be B.E. Mechanical Engineer and in the final year of this study - in addition he is involved with the business of his father.
So he is a busy and devoted young man, but racing pigeons are very important for Viki and will be a very big part of his life.

Contact Viki at viki.green11@yahoo.com or cellphone +91 9677 190 766


Carlos Cuadra (Agent Mexico)

Carlos lives in Puebla, Mexico which is the 4th largest city of Mexico and it is situated 120 kms south of Mexico City. Population of 1.6 million people.
He is the third generation pigeon fancier - his granddad brought the sport from his homeland in Spain and inherited to his son - and then again to Carlos.

Carlos has had pigeons on his own since he was 15 years old and was one of the founders of the Asociación Colombofila de Puebla A.C. which is the local and only club in Puebla.
He is also a member of the board in the National Federation the FEMECO. He occupies the post of Comisaire just under the President Mr. Pedro Montalvo since 10 years ago.
He has been involved in the business of pigeon trading since 1999 when he started representing our good friend Herman Beverdam from the Netherlands.
Nowadays Carlos is probably the biggest importer of quality racing pigeons from Europe in Mexico in quantity and quality.
Besides being a pigeon fancier Carlos owns an bicycle importing business called Velo France.

He graduated from the University of the Americas (UDLA) in Cholula, Puebla in 1988 acquiring a title of Licenciado in International Relations and History. And before that he studied at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

Contact Carlos at velofrance@hotmail.com or cellphone +52 222 484 7784


Philip Carbonaro (Agent Malta)

Philip Carbonaro is from Hamrun - Malta and he was born in 1962, he is married to Mary and has two sons.

He has been a pigeon fancier all his life since his father the late Thomas Carbonaro was the one who started it by having pigeons since childhood. Breeding and racing and organizing pigeon lofts visits every year to The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany for Maltese fanciers is his passion.

Since 2011 Philip is the President of one of the two clubs in Hamrun the Hamrun Union Racing Pigeon Club with 36 pigeon fanciers. He is the local importer of Unikon electronic pigeon clocks. Philip is also an organizer of pigeon auctions in Malta bringing many famous names and good quality pigeons every year for the benefit of Maltese pigeon fanciers.

Contact Philip at philipc@maltanet.net or cellphone +356 994 290 03


Shady Mohammed (Agent Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain)

Shady Mohammed is a young man on 28, recently married - and resident in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

He is one of the most wellknown fanciers in the Middle-East - with a huge network there - and also a good connection to Europe.

Since 2012 Shady has been very much involved developing the pigeon racingsport in the Middle-East - presenting pigeons from many wellknown European fanciers.

Contact Shady at pigeons4shady@hotmail.com or cellphone +966 502 547 553


Murteza Shareif (Agent Iraq)

Murteza is yet another young man in our dynamic team - 36 of age, married and have 2 children.

He has been a fancier for 7 years and have already been collaborating and co-breeding with several fanciers all over the world. Recently he started racing from own loft.

He has a huge network in the Middle East, especially in Iraq - so he speaks several languages like Arabic, Tyrkish, Kurdish, Persian and English.

Graduaded at Almustasria University Baghdad with business international management, also working as interpreter and vice-president in Al-Mustafa Group.

Contact Murteza at murteza@live.dk or cellphone +45 23 46 56 95

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