Comb. L. Stabel & Zn. - Superb racers for more than 25 years!:

The father (Louis) and son (Eugene) combination is able to be constantly at the top in club and the combines and also nationally they have very good results.
They take part in all the races organised by the semi-national organisation Brabant 2000 and on all distances they have had good results but they are on their best on races from 100-650 km.
In 1985 the first success came with 3rd prize from Dax against 13.308 pigeons, this hen had previously won 16th National Bergerac 15.069 pigeons and 7th National St. Vincent, 19.344 pigeons. A year later Louis won 1st National Orleans District 1 against 6.275 pigeons. In each of the following years the results stayed very well.
In 1990 Louis became National Champion Youngsters and in 1992 Eugene won for the 2nd time National Orleans.
The years later they won a.o.: 3rd National Competition WHZB with youngsters, 7th, 11th, 19th and 22th National Champion, 2nd Over-All ZNB, 2nd Middle Distance Acepigeon National for Europacup etc. etc.
And in Brabant 2000 a lot of championships and 17 TELETEXT pigeons (semi) National till 2007.

Louis and Eugene are "old style racers" and they race from March till September and try to compete every week. This brought them in 2011 for the 20th year in a row the Over-All Championship in their club with an average of approx. 55 racing lofts against many good fanciers in pigeonsport. They also won 11 x 1st prizes in their club.
In the combine HVB (225 members) they are in 2011 for the 5th time in a row Over-All Champion on the short and middle distance races, nobody ever did better. They also win 6 x 1st prize agains 2338 p., 3796 p., 2486 p., 1123 p., 1557 p. and 864 p.
And also in the long-distance combine (550 members) they compete every year for the Over-All Championship.

The building of their loft:
In an historical perspective there have always been many great champions in Goirle and neighbouring villages. So Louis didn’t have to go far to obtain quality pigeons: in his own neighbourhood he got pigeons from Jan Verhoeven & son, Harry Verhoeven, Verhagen van Gorp and Christ vd Pol. In addition to these pigeons he purchased some pigeons from Ad Sas, who lived 5 miles from Goirle in Poppel, Belgium. Ad Sas had the right kind of racing pigeons in his loft from the world famous Louis van Loon, Poppel. Louis Stabel bought 28 youngsters from Ad Sas and one of them became a superbreeder. Descendants of this hen have won 5 National-races.

With pigeons from the above fanciers Louis and Eugene have been building a strong breeding fundament. Later on they crossed their own base with pigeons from many local fanciers, so it is impossible to mention them all. Every year they buy some pigeons, but never named pigeons only from good racers and than from their best racers/lines. Every purchased pigeon will be tested in the races first. When they prove to be good racers they are crossed with their own pigeons. Occasionally they transfer new pigeons direct to the breeding loft.

Some of their base-pigeons:
NL 94-9413051 “De Nico”
NL 95-9592484 “Kopvliegster”
NL 96-9617991 “Kilometervreter”
NL 98-9880280 “Het Peronne”
NL 00-0067948 “De Slappe”
NL 01-0156433 “De Grote 433”
See extra information about them below.....

Results on other lofts:
Louis and Eugene don’t sell a lot off youngsters but already many fanciers did well with their bloodlines. Some of the highlights:

  • W. vd. Pol 1st National Middle Distance Pigeon WHZB (50% Stabel)

  • W Zoontjens and Son 1st NPO Orleans 8890 pigeons

  • J Verhoeven & ZN 1st NPO Orleans 14870 pigeons - they are all 50% Stabel-pigeons

  • P Manders 1st Creil 10351 pigeons direct Stabel.

A big number of other fanciers did well with there pigeons and won 1st prizes in club, combine or TELETEXT mentions.
In Denmark they have had a couple of auctions in Sjaelland and many fanciers who bought pigeon did well with them a.o.: Jens Pedersen, Kjeld Christensen, Jacob Petersen, Finn Carlsen etc. And also in England and since 2011 in Poland they do well with their pigeons.

Results on their own loft:
Between 2007 and 2011 they made on NPO (semi-National) races the next 12 TELETEXT mentions:
1st Sezanne 14232 pigeons 2010
2nd Orleans 9302 pigeons 2008
3rd Montauban 17364 pigeons 2008
3rd Orleans 13137 pigeons 2010
3rd Orleans 10473 pigeons 2011
3rd Baden-Baden 6520 pigeons 2007
8th Poitiers 3376 pigeons 2011
8th Orleans 9177 pigeons 2009
8th Chantilly 15493 pigeons 2007
9th Poitiers 3376 pigeons 2011
9th Sens 17292 pigeons 2009
10th Orleans 9096 pigeons 2007

The seasons 2010 and 2011 were superb:
1st over-all champion Hart van Brabant (±225 members), 5 times in a row
1st champion autumn races old Hart van Brabant
1st ace-pigeon youngsters Hart van Brabant
1st ace-pigeon old Hart van Brabant
2nd non-nominated long distance (1-day) Fond Union (±500 members)
2nd over-all champion short-middle distance Brabant 2000/district 4 (±500 members)
2nd champion youngsters Brabant 2000/district 4
2nd over-all champion long distance Fond Union
2nd champion youngsters Hart van Brabant
2nd champion youngsters Hart van Brabant
2nd champion autumn races youngsters Hart van Brabant
2nd ace-pigeon youngsters Hart van Brabant
2nd ace-pigeon old Hart van Brabant
3rd over-all champion short-middle distance Brabant 2000/district 4
3rd non-nominated over-all champion long distance Fond Union
4th champion autumn races old Hart van Brabant
5th non-nominated long distance (1-day) Fond Union
5th champion old Hart van Brabant
6th nominated long distance (1-day) Fond Union
6th champion youngsters Hart van Brabant
6th non-nominated long distance youngster Fond Union
7th champion middle distance Brabant 2000/district 4
15th champion long-distance (1-day) Brabant 2000 (2300 members)

Some of the results in 2010 and 2011 in combines without doubles:
Sezanne 14232 pigeons: 1,43,44,69,138,142,160,196,371,379 18 from 27
Strombeek 3796 pigeons: 1,2,4,7,27,47,75,76,93,113,123,127,128 51 from 97
Pommeroeul 1557 pigeons: 1,3,4,6,7,11,19,22,62,65,70,83,99,106 32 from 44
Sezanne 1123 pigeons: 1,3,17,18,30,59,60,102,103,107,109,110 20 from 42
Sens 2338 pigeons: 1,5,42,44,60,70,74,78,107,123,130,177 23 from 40
Creil 6075 pigeons: 1,101,102,113,235,253,255,257,284,291 35 from 84
St Quentin 843 pigeons: 1,8,13,15,16,17,21,34,36,37,38,42,51,52 28 from 45
St Quentin 7818 pigeons: 3,4,13,15,33,50,147,156,160,172,189 36 from 76
Creil 4020 pigeons: 3,6,11,12,19,23,24,42,43,72,82,83 43 from 90
Peronne 459 pigeons: 4,5,9,17,18,19,21,23,24,27,30,36,37,40,41 24 from 37
Pommeroeul 7201 pigeons: 5,6,7,10,34,35,66,75,80,96,97,105,148,149 43 from 88
Creil 2243 pigeons: 6,7,14,19,52,79,80,111,120,126,127,135 22 from 34
Strombeek 1297 pigeons: 7,11,15,16,32,34,42,43,47,105,107,108 30 from 47
St Quentin 8727 pigeons: 7,27,29,30,67,71,145,224,234,235,266 33 from 61
Poitiers 3376 pigeons: 8,9,22,72,218,369,498,611,674,718,732 12 from 28
Creil 2261 pigeons: 8,12,13,16,28,41,64,92,147,154,236 16 from 31
Strombeek 8546 pigeons: 10,12,13,19,21,27,28,30,33,40,44,45,49,64 44 from 85
St Quentin 8662 pigeons: 10,13,36,38,43,57,94,135,158,166 36 from 63
Pommeroeul 7446 pigeons: 13,14,17,18,19,20,39,55,72,77,166 31 from 65
Strombeek 2529 pigeons: 19,22,23,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,38,40,46 40 from 67
Chateauroux 8979 pigeons: 27,28,186,381,407,533,550,650 11 from 20.

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