Gebr. Pouw - New lines with bravour!

In the later years Gebr. Pouw have invested in new strong lines from Gaby Vandenabeele, Dirk Van Dyck and also Koopman-lines via Ruitenberg. The results are really good - and we are so excited on behalf of our good friends in Nederhorst den Berg!

Pouw visiting Vandenabeele.

Let us present some of the pigeons for you!

Really a new topper - just this year both 1. Asse Zellik against 3.061 pigeons and 9. Prov. Meer 17.092 pigeons!
A classic mix of Koopman and Van Dyck lines.

Also a new hope - 3. Asse Zellik against 3.061 pigeons!
Vandenabeele x Koopman strain.

One of the really tophens on the loft - 2. NPO Salbris 5.155 pigeons and 1e Wolvertem 3.236 pigeons - and this season also 15. Prov. Meer 17.092 pigeons!
Vandenabeele x Pouw strain.

A toppigeon 4. NPO Chateaudun - son of two toppigeons - ORLANDO 6. NPO Orleans and MISS SALBRIS (see above).

11 april 2015 - Meer 89 km.
8., 9. (KANDYMAN), 15. (MISS SALBRIS) Provincial 17.092 pigeons

25 april 2015 - Asse Zellik 163 km.
1. (KANDYMAN), 3. (JANDINO) of 3.061 pigeons

24 mei 2015 - Chateaudun 535 km.
4., 32., 90. etc. NPO Zuid against 6.632 pigeons
4., 33., 98. etc. Provincial against 8.383 pigeons
Rayon 2,12,28,50,56,73,74,79,82,92,97,99 etc. against 1.485 pigeons

The first pigeons were:
- 1st pigeon (4. NPO) NL13-1066666 DE VIJF ZESJES, also winner of 1. Nivelles 1.205 pigeons (Provincial 2, of 6.640 pigeons). Son of ORLANDO NL11-1556785 – 6. NPO Orleans 5.295 pigeons x MISS SALBRIS NL11-1570370 – 2. NPO Salbris 5.155 pigeons & 1e Wolvertem 3.236 pigeons.
- 2nd pigeon (32. NPO) NL14-1794840, Daughter ZOON SUPER MARIA B13-3148671 Direct Gaby Vandenabeele x HERMIEN NL10-1165872, 100% Leo Heremans.
- 3rd pigeon (90. NPO) NL14-1794959, out of ZOON CONDOR BLIKSEM B12-3160794 Direct Gaby Vandenabeele x WANDELAARTJE 826 – NL13-1066826 (JONGE WANDELAAR x INBRED OLYMPIADE Heremans).

Look forward to a super-auction this winter with Gebr. Pouw - high quality pigeons with speed!

We send our congrats to our friends in Nederhorst den Berg and wish you success the rest of the season!!

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