Gebr. Pouw - 6th NPO Vierzon with SISTER EXPLOSION!:

Gebr. Pouw had a super race from Salbris 579 km 14 days ago on June 7th 2014 - and now 14 days later again in the top of their afdeling making 6th NPO from Vierzon 600 km!

14 days ago it was a halfsister EXPLOSION - this weekend a fullsister of the same EXPLOSION!
SISTER EXPLOSION was earlier 4th Prov. from Nijvel against 8.990 pigeons - now 6th NPO against 3.850 pigeons.
Her brother EXPLOSION has been 1st Chateauroux 1.392 pigeons and 1st Orleans 1.617 pigeons - both 50% Koopman and 50% Gebr. Pouw lines.


We send our congrats to our friends in Nederhorst den Berg and wish you more success in the season!!

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