Gebr. Pouw - 6th NPO Orleans with ORLANDO!:

Gebr. Pouw have had a super race from Orleans 532 km - a tough race postponed so the pigeons stay 4 nights in the basket - liberation Monday June 24th!

First pigeon on the loft was ORLANDO - a 2 year old cock making 6th NPO from 5.200 pigeons!
A nice blue cock - 75% Gaby Vandenabeele and 25% C&G Koopman lines.
ORLANDO was also 7th from Nijvel of 1.513 pigeons last year (after 6 loftmates!!)

ORLANDO races in a widowers loft where Gebr. Pouw ONLY treat their pigeons with TriColi-STOP from Pigeon Vitality.
(A natural pigeon product (so no medicine))
The pigeons are given 1 capsule every 3-4th weekend - Saturday evening just after the pigeons are fed.
The pigeons are always given a TriColi-STOP the weekend before a one day longdistance race.
Read more about TriColi-STOP at

The last years Gebr. Pouw have introduced some direct Gaby Vandenabeele and C&G Koopman pigeons. These pigeons have in combination with eachother and with the old foundation Janssen lines given a lot of success already. Like these 2 fantastic examples:

We wish our friends in Nederhorst den Berg a lot of success!!

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