Gebr. Pouw - top-results in Nederhorst den Berg all year!:

Gebr. Pouw have had a super season this year - several topprices!

From Orleans 531 km a topserie with: 1-27-30-93-97 etc of 1.617 pigeons.
A 2 year old cock made the 1st of 1.617 pigeons from a tough race with north east head wind.
The same cock did 1st from Chateauroux last year as a yearling.
It comes from a cross of a direct Koopman cock x Pouw hen (daughter De Wandelaar) and sister DE 717 and JONGE WANDELAAR.

Argenton 681 km - once again - good result: 4-15-17-22-23-51-57-60-72-80 etc. of 1.000 pigeons.
Provincial NPO 15-80-96-131-137 etc. of 5.427 pigeons.

Grimbergen 154 km: 6-23-27-28-30-31-32-38-45-51-57-59-60-61-70-71-73-81-82-85-89-92 etc. of 2.135 pigeons - 22 in Top 100!!
Provincial 7-31-36-38-41-42-43-54-70-83-97-101-102 etc. of 10.911 pigeons!

Nijvel 193 km: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-17-24 etc. of 1.513 pigeons!
Provincial: 1-2-4-5-7-8-11-38-67 etc. of 8.990 pigeons!!

Here follows the pedigrees of the first 6 youngsters to get a good view into the breeding work of Gebr. Pouw.

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