Jacob Poortvliet - 1st NPO Sens in afdeling 11!

Once again Jacob Poortvliet has showed his competitors that he is in the competition to win!
Last Saturday he went all the way to the top, making 1st NPO Sens from 591 km and against 8.269 pigeons in afdeling 11.

This first pigeon was BLUE THUNDER - which was the best yearling at the loft last year with 10 out of 11 prizes - starting this new season as one of the very best!
Actually BLUE THUNDER was the fastest of all pigeons in combine NU against 16.564 pigeons!

Pedigree of BLUE THUNDER



Jacob gets a lot of help from his wife Antje - together they have a perfect team. Jacob suffers from severe longue problems so the daily help from Antje at the pigeon loft is very important.
But it is so nice to see that together they can go all to the top - we wish Antje and Jacob all the success - and hope for Jacob that he will get better as soon as possible!

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