Jacob Poortvliet - amazing season for his pigeons!

Jacob Poortvliet has been one of the best fanciers in Holland for the last 10 years - there is no doubt about that. Have a look at his results for the last 10 years:

NPO/National results since july 2002:
1e NPO St. Quentin, 423 km, 13.472 pigeons in 2008
1e NPO Pithiviers, 624 km, 7.385 pigeons in 2011
2e NPO St. Quentin, 423 km, 9.807 pigeons in 2012

3e NPO St. Ghislain, 347 km, 26.245 pigeons in 2003 (ver. 373: 1-2-4-5-7 etc.)
3e NPO Ablis, 602 km, 11.945 pigeons in 2009
3e NPO Ablis, 604 km, 11.141 pigeons in 2004 (ver. 113: 1-2-3-4-8-9-11 etc / Acg: 840: 1-4-5-8 etc.)

4e NPO Houdeng, 330 km, 17.011 pigeons in 2002
4e NPO Sourdun, 554 km, 13.845 pigeons in 2004 (ver. 106: 1-2-4 etc.) 70% prijs
5e NAT. Morlincourt, 459 km, 2.875 pigeons in 2002 (FFC: 1.795-3)

5e NPO Chantilly, 515 km, 13.377 pigeons in 2008 (Eenheid 3.587-2)
7e NPO La Ferte s/Jouarre, 519 km, 13.350 pigeons in 2009
7e NPO Etampes, 600 km, 8.988 pigeons in 2004 (ver. 96: 1-2-3-4-6-8-9-11 etc.) 70% prijs

8e NPO St. Quentin, 423 km, 16.871 pigeons in 2008 (Rayon: 2.364-1)
8e NAT. Morlincourt, 459 km, 3.138 pigeons in 2010
10e NAT. Morlincourt, 459 km, 3.238 pigeons in 2004 (Attractieconc. Afd. 10+11: 3.022-5)

10e NPO Menen, 338 km, 14.999 pigeons in 2005
11e NPO Orleans, 659 km, 10.582 pigeons in 2003
11e NPO La Ferte Bernard, 680 km, 7.590 pigeons in 2003

12e NPO Orleans, 659 km, 6.817 pigeons in 2005 (ver. 53: 1 en 2 / Acg: 467: 1 en 7)
13e NAT. Sens. 591 km, 6.040 pigeons in 2013
14e NPO Arras, 398 km, 18.112 pigeons in 2007. (1.943-1)
16e NPO La Ferte Bernard, 680 km, 9.896 pigeons in 2004 (ver. 119: 1-3-5-6-8 etc.)

16e NPO Orleans Saran, 659 km, 5.972 pigeons in 2012 (ACG 408-1)
17e NPO Ablis, 602 km, 11.945 pigeons in 2009
17e NPO La Ferte s/Jouarre, 519 km, 13.350 pigeons in 2009

17e NPO Orleans, 659 km, 8.538 pigeons in 2011
17e NPO Signy Signetz, 524 km, 8.664 pigeons in 2010
18e NPO St. Quentin, 423 km, 13.472 pigeons in 2008

19e NPO Orleans, 659 km, 7.199 pigeons in 2006
19e NPO Sens, 591 km, 8.013 pigeons in 2011
20e NPO Le Mans, 714 km, 9.506 pigeons in 2005

20e NPO Etampes, 600 km, 5.640 pigeons in 2005
22e NPO Chantilly, 514 km, 13.160 pigeons in 2007
23e NPO Offenburg, 541 km, 9.371 pigeons in 2007

24e NAT. Morlincourt, 459 km, 2.875 pigeons in 2002
24e NPO Signy Signetz, 524 km, 8.664 pigeons in 2010
25e NAT. Morlincourt, 459 km, 1.996 pigeons in 2003
25e NPO Sens, 591 km, 9.941 pigeons in 2011

1st Prizes won Regional / Provincial from 2002 till 2013:
1. Reg. Houdeng, 330 km, 3.007 pigeons – 2002
1. Reg. Houdeng, 330 km, 3.670 pigeons – 2003
1. Prov. Zutphen, 116 km, 14.795 pigeons – 2003 (1-2-3-4-5-7-12-13 etc.)
1. Reg. Sourdun, 554 km, 1.183 pigeons – 2004

1. Reg. Ablis, 604 km, 840 pigeons – 2004
1. Reg. St. Quentin, 423 km, 1.416 pigeons – 2004
1. Reg. Menen, 338 km, 1.804 pigeons – 2005
1. Reg. Orleans Saran, 659 km, 467 pigeons – 2005

1. Reg. Wychen, 158 km, 2.164 pigeons – 2005 (1-2)
1. Reg. Wychen, 158 km, 2.479 pigeons – 2006 (1-4-6-9)
1. Reg. St. Quentin, 423 km, 1.072 pigeons – 2006
1. Reg. St. Quentin, 423 km, 641 pigeons – 2006 (1-3-4-5)

1. Reg. Meer, 213 km, 1.972 pigeons – 2006
1. Reg. Boxtel, 186 km, 2.507 pigeons – 2007 (1-2-4-6-7-8-9-10-11)
1. Reg. Duffel, 260 km, 7.546 pigeons – 2007
1. Prov. Duffel, 260 km, 11.692 pigeons – 2007 (1-2)

1. Reg. Boxtel, 186 km, 2.853 pigeons – 2007 (1-6-9)
1. Reg. Arras, 398 km, 1.943 pigeons – 2007
1. Prov. Heteren, 140 km, 27.931 pigeons – 2007
1. Reg. Boxtel, 186 km, 6.880 pigeons – 2007 (1-2)

1. Reg. Boxtel, 186 km, 2.571 pigeons – 2008 (1-5-8-9-10)
1. Prov. Duffel, 260 km, 19.262 pigeons – 2008
1. Reg. St. Quentin, 423 km, 1.193 pigeons – 2008 (1-2-6) Nat.: 13.472-1
1. Reg. Pommeroeul, 349 km, 1.180 pigeons – 2008 (1-2-3-4-10-12)

1. Reg. Strepy/Thieu, 333 km, 3.295 pigeons - 2008
1. Reg. Heteren, 140 km, 3.321 pigeons – 2008
1. Reg. Hasselt, 257 km, 2.734 pigeons – 2008 (1-2-4)
1. Reg. St. Quentin, 423 km, 2.364 pigeons – 2008

1. Reg. Boxtel, 186 km, 2.437 pigeons – 2008 (1-3-4-5)
1. Reg. La Ferte sJouarre, 519 km, 1.154 pigeons – 2009 (1-4)
1. Reg. Maaseik, 234 km, 1.429 pigeons – 2009
1. Reg. Boxtel, 186 km, 4.293 pigeons – 2009 (1-6-7-8-9)

1. Reg. Strombeek, 284 km, 2.504 pigeons – 2010
1. Reg. Isnes, 315 km, 1.553 pigeons – 2010 (1-2)
1. Reg. Morlincourt, 459 km, 363 pigeons – 2010
1. Reg. Duffel, 260 km, 1.448 pigeons – 2010 (1-3)

1. Reg. Nivelles, 316 km, 1.818 pigeons – 2011
1. Reg. Sens, 591 km, 678 pigeons – 2011 (1-4)
1. Reg. Pithiviers, 624 km, 905 pigeons – 2011 Nat: 7.385-1
1. Reg. Strombeek, 284 km, 940 pigeons – 2011 (1-7-11)
1. Prov. Hasselt, 257 km, 14.366 pigeons – 2011 (1.610 b: 1-4)

1. Reg. St. Truiden, 275 km, 1858 pigeons – 2012 (1-2)
1. Reg. Orleans Saran, 659 km, 408 pigeons – 2012
1. Prov. Duiven, 136 km, 10.031 pigeons – 2012 (fastest of 16.306)
1. Reg. Nivelles, 316 km, 1.167 pigeons – 2012 (1-3)

1. Reg. Bourges, 730 km, 217 pigeons - 2013

NL10-1033649 HILLIE:
His best hen the last years has been the amazing HILLIE with topresults in 3 seasons!

Results 2013 at OTHER lofts - direct Poortvliet pigeons or offspring of them:
A very important thing to mention is the quality of the pigeons from Poortvliet - not only at his own loft - but also at other lofts - take a look at this fantastic list from 2013:

1. Prov. Gennep Afd. 11 for Comb. Huizinga against 20.158 pigeons (lines Koopman/Kannibaal)
1. Prov. Chimay Afd. 9 for H. Rikhof against 11.965 pigeons (mainly Vandenabeele/Magic)
1. Prov. Tongeren Afd. 11 for Comb. Huizinga against 11.306 pigeons (lines Koopman/Kannibaal)
1. Regional St. Truiden ACG 5 for Frank Huigens against 2.167 pigeons (lines Koopman/Kannibaal)
1. Regional Peronne op Goeree for J. v/d Made Zn against 4.488 pigeons (gr.son Jet Junior)
1. Regional St. Quentin in Eenheid for Tj. and J. Elzinga against 4.073 pigeons (mainly Koopman lines)
1. Regional Sezanne in ACG for Y. van Kammen against 1.081 pigeons (Arrow-line = Koopman/v.Loon)
1. Regional Wychen ACG 1 for Kroese/Helmholt against 1.773 pigeons (gr.son Jet Junior)
1. Regional Orleans ACG 6 for L. v/d Hoek against 399 pigeons (Groenleer, Koopman/Ellen-lines)
1. Regional Sens ACG 1 for Kroese/Helmholt against 473 pigeons (lines Remi = Koopman/Abeele)
1. Regional Auby in ACG for Comb. de Wit against 970 pigeons ( Arrowpair = Koopman/loon)
1. Regional Pithiviers ACG 1 for Kroese/Helmholt against 273 pigeons (gr.son Jet Junior)
1. Reg. St. Quentin Afd. 8 for T.Stols / Timmer Zn against 2.944 pigeons (Hop, lines Koopman/Ellen)
1. Regional Ace Long Distance (Eenheid) for Tj and J Elzinga (son Lady Gaga, Koopman-lines)
2. National Ace Long Distance (NU) for Tj and J Elzinga (son Lady Gaga, Koopman-lines)
2. Regional Chateauroux ACG 1 for Kroese/Helmholt against 142 pigeons (gr.son Jet Junior)
2. Regional Sezanne in ACG for Y. van Kammen against 1.081 pigeons (Arrow-line = Koopman/v.Loon)
2. Regional Duffel in Afd. 7 for van Essen/Siebe against 8.489 pigeons (mainly Koopman and Zot-line)
2. Regional Nijvel Kring 4 for Arjan Spek against 2.941 pigeons (Janssen / Koopman/arrow lines)
2. Prov. St. Quentin Afd. 11 for H. Marsman against 13.652 pigeons (gr.daughter Olympic Ellen)
2. Regional Ace Long Distance for R.J. Blaauw (Koopman / Vink / Prange lines)
2. Regional Ace Short Distance for van Essen/Siebe (mainly Koopman, Kannibaal, Zot-line)
2. Regional Ace long Distance in (Driesprong) for Y. van Kammen (Arrow-line = Koopman/v.Loon)
3. Prov. Hapert Afd. 11 for Frank Huigens against 19.592 pigeons (lines Koopman/Kannibaal)
3. Prov. Nijvel Afd. 10 for A. Dankelman against 10.153 pigeons (lines Koopman a.o. Floortje)
3. Prov. Chimay Afd. 9 for Comb. Vogler & Tijhof against 11.965 pigeons (Koopman-lines)
3. NPO Sezanne Afd. 11 for Comb. Huizinga against 5.051 pigeons (lines Koopman)
3. NPO Sens Afd. 11 for H. Marsman against 5.592 pigeons ( Olympic Ellen)
3. Regional Breuil ACG 3 for R.J. Blaauw against 345 pigeons (Koopman / Vink / Prange lines
3. Regional Heino Afd. 11 Zwart for Oldenburger/Vreeman against 7.373 pigeons (mainly Heremans)
4. Nat. Ace June in Germany (5 flights) for W. Meincke (Germany) with (gr.son Olympic Ellen/abeele)
4. Nat. Chateauroux Afd. 11 for Y. van Kammen against 3.534 pigeons (Arrow-line=Koopman/loon)
4. Prov. St. Quentin Afd. 11 for Comb. Huizinga against 7.691 pigeons (lines Koopman)
4. Regional Tilburg Afd. 8 NO for Arjan Spek against 6.574 pigeons (Koopman / Reynaert lines)
5. Nat. Orleans NU (N.Unie) for R.J. Blaauw (295-1) against 4.823 pig. (Koopman / Vink / Prange lines)
5. Prov. Tongeren Afd. 11 for Comb. Huizinga against 11.306 pigeons (lines Koopman)
5. Prov. Sens Afd. 11 for C. Groenleer against 4.519 pigoens (Koopman lines and Olympic Ellen)
5. Prov. France for Waterhouse (England) against 6.461 pigeons (50% Poortvliet)
5. Regional Nijvel Kring 4 for Arjan Spek against 2.941 pigeons (from Brother Magic Wonder)
5. Regional Wychen ACG 1 for Kroese/Helmholt against 1.719 pigeons (gr.son Jet Junior)
5. Nat. Chateauroux Afd. 11 for H. v/d Linde against 3.534 pigeons (offspring Magic=Vandenabeele)
5. NPO Bourges Afd. 8 N for Jac. Hop against 1.431 pigeons (gr.son Olympic Ellen * gdtr. Bourges)
6. Prov. France for D.Cowert-Telbot (England) against 6.461 pigeons (50% Poortvliet)
6. Regional Pithiviers ACG 3 for R.J. Blaauw against 292 pigeons (gr.son Yildirim/Magic Wonder)
7. Nat. Chateauroux Afd. 11 for H. v/d Linde against 3.534 pigeons (offspring Magic=Vandenabeele)
7. Regional Sens in ACG6 for Y. van Kammen against 1.160 pigeons (Arrow-line = Koopman/v.Loon)
7. Regional Bourges in ACG6 for Y. van Kammen against 455 pigeons (Arrow-line = Koopman/v.Loon)
7. Regional Nanteuil Afd. 8 NO for Arjan Spek against 4.639 pigeons (br. New Zot*dtr. Magic Wonder)
9. Nat. Chateauroux Afd. 11 for Tj & J Elzinga against 3.534 pigeons (Koopman lines).
9. NPO Sezanne Afd. 11 for H. v/d Linde against 5.051 pigeons (offspring Magic=Vandenabeele)
9. Prov. Gennep Afd. 11 for Comb. Huizinga against 20.158 pigeons (lines Koopman/Kannibaal)
9. Regional Pommeroeul Afd. 8 NO for A.Spek against 3.711 pig. (br. New Zot*dtr. Magic Wonder)
10. Prov. Hapert Afd. 11 for Tj. & J. Elzinga against 19.592 pigeons (gr.daughter Royal Jet Junior)
13. Prov. St. Truiden Afd. 11 for Tj.& J. Elzinga against 20.435 pigeons (mainly Koopman lines)
15. NPO Sens Afd. 11 for Tj.& J. Elzinga against 8.013 pigeons (mainly Koopman lines)
16. Prov. Auby Afd. 11 for Tj & J Elzinga against 12.133 pigeons (mainly Koopman lines)

National Acepigeons and National winners with “Poortvliet-blood in it”:
2007: 1. NPO Blois Afdeling 11 for Mr. H. v/d Linde against 5.656 pigeons (lines Topbreeder Magic)
2007: 1. NPO Duffel Afdeling 10 for Mr. R. Dalmolen against 8.019 pigeons (lines Koopman/Gaby)
2008: 1. NPO Orleans Afdeling 11 for Gebr. Limburg against 6.469 pigeons (lines Koopman)
2008: 1. NPO St. Quentin Afdeling 11 for Jacob Poortvliet against 13.472 pigeons (lines Kannibaal)
2011: 1. NPO Hasselt Afdeling 11 for Comb. Huizinga against 22.391 pigeons (lines Koopman)
2011: 1. National Lillers France for Jones & Gibson-England against 17.998 pigeons (lines Charley)
2011: 1. NPO Sens Afdeling 11 for Gebr. Limburg against 9.941 pigeons (lines Koopman)
2011: 1. NPO Pithiviers Afdeling 11 for Jacob Poortvliet against 7.385 pigeons (lines Kannibaal / zot)

2005: 1. National Young pigeon for young people at WHZB (lines Koopman / van Loon)
2007: 1. National Best Hen WHZB for Mr. A. Kors (granddaughter Topbreeder Magic)
2008: 1. National Day Long Distance pigeon NPO for Gebr. Limburg (lines Koopman)
2008: 1. National Old Bird in Servie, for Mr. Petrovic and Pavlovic (lines Yildirim / Vandenabeele).
2010: 4. National Old Ace at WHZB for Mr. N. de Jong (lines Koopman)
2010: 5. National Young Ace in Slowakije for Mr. L. Moravcik (Lines Yildirim – Koopman)

Results One-loft Races:
2008: 1. Uplandderby in Germany, with 100% Poortvliet-pigeon (original) win: € 8000.-
2009: 1. One-loft race in Hungary, with 75% Poortvliet-pigeon win: about € 2000.-
2010: 1. Belgian Master on 170810, with 50% Poortvliet-pigeon win: € 25.000.-
2010: 2. Grand Prix Fritzlar (Germany), with 50% Poortvliet-pigeon (gr.child Magic) win: € 4000. 2010: 4. Acepigeon over 5 Car-Races (Hot Spots) at Sun City in South Afrika, with 100% Poortvliet-pigeon (direkt) – gr.child Den Dromer. Sun City started with 6.500 birds. This pigeon is also on a very good 3. Place at Grand Average over 21 flights. Her brother was 1. Ace in the club (8/8)
2012: 1. oneloftrace Canada, with child of Arrow Space (= gr.child Arrow-pair)
2012: 1. Oneloftrace USA, with grandchild of Yildirim and Magic Wonder
2012: 1. Oneloftrace USA, with grandchild of Yildirim and Magic Wonder
2012: 1.+ 2. Oneloftrace USA, with grandchild of Yildirim and Magic Wonder (300 miles)
2012: 1. Oneloftrace California Classic USA, with grandchild of Eddy (winner of $ 20.000)

We invite you our online auctions this autumn - of course also with pigeons from Jacob Poortvliet!!

Read more about Jacob Poortvliet:
Jacob Poortvliet was born in 1958 in Emmeloord. His parents Leen and Griet moved in 1953 from the province of Zeeland (after the disaster with the flood) to “The New Land”, that means to the Noord-oostpolder. This land was reclaimed in those years, and lot of people moved from the south to the north. In 1962 Jacob’s brother Daan was born, and in 1964 his sister Gerda.

Leen Poortvliet (Jacob’s dad) had pigeons already in Zeeland. One of his first trophy’s has a date on it from the year 1948. Leen was born in 1928 and the pigeons he had during the war from 1940 / 1945 were taken away through the Germans. He started again after the war with just a few birds.
After moving to Emmeloord in 1953 Jacobs parents married a few years later, and they bought a house on the “Botterstraat number 9”, the place Jacob was born later. This place had more ground than the neighbours, and therefore there was room to built a pigeonloft.
It took till 1969 that Jacob got interested in pigeons. There were already friends who thought that it would never happen, because there were so many other things to do. But in 1969 Jacob started racing with a few youngsters of his own, but in the same loft as the pigeons of his father. That winter a few of his youngsters were put in an show, and one of them won the first price. This should never had happened, because it was a big hen that won the price between the males. Such things you will never forget in your life.
Jacob and his dad decided to go and play together under the name: L.D. Poortvliet and son. This way they raced for years together and won lots of championships. In 1966 they moved to another house, just at the end of the street, but with a large barn, so big that 3 cars could be parked next to eachother. In the garden a pigeonloft was built, and also on the attic of the barn. Breedingcouples found a place in the barn below. At the attic they played males on widowhood, and did very well. Even brother Daan got interested in pigeons, and there were a few years that Daan and Jacob raced under the name of Brothers Poortvliet. Daan moved later to Canada, where he still lives in Toronto, and he is called now Dan. He works in a BMW garage as a chef, and got married a few years ago for the second time, now with a Chinese woman. He is not involved in pigeons anymore.

In December 1980 Jacob married his Antje, and they bought a house in Wolvega. That is in the area where Antje was born. It was just 27 km to drive from Wolvega to Jacobs work in Emmeloord, and therefore he could eat at his parents between 12 and 13.00 hours, and take a look at the pigeons in the meantime. When the pigeons were send for a flight, he stayed in the evening till everything was ready, and even went back to his parents on Saturday when the birds arrived. But this was hard to do every week, and therefore Jacob decided to start with pigeons at his own house in Wolvega. That winter in 1981 / 1982 he bought a pigeonloft of the brothers Ruitenberg in Zwolle, and transported the loft to Wolvega. It was about 6 meters long. Jacob started with young birds racing in the club the Luchtbode in Wolvega, and his very first flight he won the 2. Price against more than 10.000 pigeons in Afdeling K.
Jacob and his dad decided that Jacob was going to race and his father had the breedingcouples. In 1983 Jacob finished as 5. Champion whole season with just yearlings, and this against over 800 fanciers. A year later he was 2. Champion whole season, this with just a few 2 year old and the rest yearlings, and still against over 800 fanciers.

1983: 5. Overall provincial Champion of Afdeling K – 800 fanciers
1984: 2. Overall provincial Champion of Afdeling K – 800 fanciers

In the winter of 1985 / 1986 Jacob decided to go to the club Vredesduif in Noordwolde. There were much more members, and more important they raced in the other Afdeling that played in the province of Friesland, the Afdeling Friesland. They only raced on Saturdays, and had about 1700 members. In Noordwolde there were about 40 fanciers racing. With youngbird racing they started with over 1200 pigeons, so a lot of competition. In 3 years of membership in Noordwolde, Jacob was all 3 years the Overall champion in Noordwolde (that had never happened before).

Because in Noordwolde there was the opportunity to put birds in races of 800 km and more, Jacob and his dad decided to buy some birds that could race good on those distances.
In 1987 and 1989 they went to Jan Beyers in Deurne. This fancier had some excellent results with very young pigeons on hard flights, such as Barcelona (two times 1. On Barcelona in Fondclub de Zuiderkempen). In 1987 they bought some eggs and in 1989 some small youngsters, just a few days old. The results with offspring of this pigeons was very good. Jacob won f.i. severall top 10 results on National races, and had from San Sebastian (Spain, 1216 km) an 3. Provincial pigeon, born from 2 direct Beyers pigeons.
In 1997 Jacob had his best result. He finished on 4. Place at National Fondspiegel Cat. 2. This with just a few hens. He raced 4 hens (2 of them were nestsisters) and they were put in 4 races: 1996 on St. Vincent , and 1997 on St. Vincent, Ruffec and Bergarac. Totall on this 4 flights he put in 15 hens, and they won 14 prizes (=93,3%), an unbeleavable record.

1997: 4. National Fondspiegel Long Distance Cat. 2

Because of his work, and the work with the pigeons, Jacob had to decide to make some choices. Time was too short to do everything in a way he wanted it to be done. Therefore he went back to just the programme-flights, that means the flights from 100 till about 725 km. No more long distance.

In 1996 both Afdelingen in the province of Friesland came together in one Afdeling with the name Friesland 96. For Jacob there was no need now to go to Noordwolde every week, and he decided to go back to Wolvega to the club he started in in 1982.

In 1999 Jacob decided that he needed other pigeons to put in, and therefore he contacted father and son Frits Boersma from Wolvega, who raced in the same club as Jacob did. They made an agreement to trade some pigeons, and in autumn of 1999 over 20 late bred youngsters came to the lofts of Jacob. Most of the pigeons were from the lines of Gaby Vandenabeele and Jansen. Jacobs father had bought 2 years earlier some eggs at Minderhoud (a.o. Topbreeder Magic), and those were also mostly of the Gaby lines. This birds had an very good impact on the results in the years that would come.

That same year (1999) the business were Jacob worked was taken over by another company. The first year Jacob could still work on the same place as he worked so many years, but January 2000 the bosses decided that the administration was going to the headoffice in Stroobos, and that was more north in the province Friesland, and 60 km away from where Jacob and his family lived.
So Jacob had to drive every day 120 km and 1,5 hours (minimum) in his car to go to work. The time he lost driving, he could not spend on his pigeons. His wife however was willing to help, and she let the youngsters out for training, so Jacob could take them in as soon he was home. But it were long days, and after almost 2 years of spending so much time in the car, Jacob and his Antje were looking for a house nearby Jacobs work. They looked and looked, but it was difficult to find a nice place, which also had enough ground to build some pigeonlofts on. Jacob heard at his work from college Gea Koonstra (she was the girlfriend of Pieter Veenstra at that time), that the house Pieter was living in, was going to be sold. Pieter wanted to buy another place with more ground and a place to keep horses at the house. Jacob had bought in 2000 a few young pigeons from Pieter, so they knew eachother already. They came together and made the agreement that the Poortvliet family was buying the house in Surhuizum (about 8 km from Jacobs work). The transaction date was march 1. In 2002. The Poortvliets had about 3 months to sell their house in Wolvega. But that turned out to be a problem. The house was not sold, and they decided to stay in Wolvega just as long as the house was sold. The young birds Jacob bred already were going to the new house, so Jacob could feed them and let them out as he was going to work, and after work when he was getting home. The consequence was however that the young birds had to stay out all day and night, this because there was no time letting them train. In the eveninghours the loft was cleaned and the birds got their food. The loft stayed open, and when Jacob was driving home, the birds were already again flying. When the youngbird racing started in July, the old house still was not sold, and the family were having problems because of the very high costs. One of the houses had to go……… When the racing started Jacob stayed in Surhuizum and brought the birds to the club, and after that he went to Wolvega. On Saturday he drove sometimes with high speed to Surhuizum, to wait for the birds coming home from a flight. The results with the young pigeons were very good. In the club Jacob became the best loft, and in the acepigeon-competition he won: 1-2-3-4-5-6 etc. (started to race with 46 birds). The last flight that year was a National flight, and was very succesfull too, with 5. Place National against 2.875 pigeons.
Finally in August there was a potential buyer for the house, and they were so glad that the house was sold in the end. No month to soon. Oktober 1 in 2002 was the date that the family finally moved to their new home. There was an end to getting out of bed at 6 am and stopped working at 10 pm. The extreme long days were over, and they could go on living in a new place.

When buying the house, Jacob also bought some pigeons from Pieter. I say it wrong, Jacobs father bought them, because Jacob did not have the money left to buy himself. Because of the results in 2002 and the years that followed, Jacob was asked to sell youngsters. And because he could sell some, there was room to buy new birds himself. He went looking for more pigeons of the Koopman lines, and specific grandchildren of Kleine Dirk. In 2004 a few Koopmans of Marcel Sangers were bought over the internet. Also a daughter of his famous Charley. Every year that followed another daughter of Charley came to Surhuizum. Jacob named them Charley’s Angels, numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. After this 4 years a son of Charley was bought in 2008, and Jacob called this one: Charley’s Angel Boy.
The results were very good. One of the last references: a daughter of Charley’s Angel Boy and Angel 3 was sold in 2009 in England. The buyer bred in 2011 a young bird from it, that won an 1. National in England on a race from France (that is over the water). This is the biggest race that is held in England every year. There were 17.998 pigeons in competition. But also the other Angels gave excellent offspring, such as 1. Provincial young ace pigeon in Long Distance club.

In 2004 Jacob was having the best racing year ever. All those years from 1969 to start, the results were very good, but 2004 was a year one will never forget. At the end of the season Jacob finished as 1. Overall Provincial Champion whole season, this against about 2.000 fanciers. In the National Competition WHZB he had the 4. And 9. Best Cock of Holland. The 4. Best was the Fijne (Janssen / Vandenabeele), who also won a 3. And 11 NPO on Day long distance, and the 9. Best was Yildirim who is still in the loft in Surhuizum. In the competition of TBOTB (the best of the best) Yildirim was the best yearling allround cock that year.

2004: 1 Overall Provincial Champion (nominated and not-nominated together) - whole season.
1. National yearling allround cock at TBOTB, with Yildirim

Also in 2004 Jacob bought 2 cocks from Mr. van Andel in Holland. Both were sons from a sister of Charley. One of them became a very good breeder, and is a.o. the father of famous Magic Wonder, who was over 2007 the Best Ace on Short distance of Western Europe. The other cock was nestbrother of a 5. NPO against 17.214 pigeons, and became (gr)father of Chipmunk (for Gebr. Limburg), who won in 1 year 3 times a first price against: 3055, 1435 and 2193 pigeons, and won 12/12 in 2009. (finished 5. Provincial Ace old birds). He was also father of Young Remi, who won for Jacob: 2. Ace last flights combine, total 51/61 price and a.o. 2. On Duffel 11.692 pigeons, after loftmate Magic Wonder. Sister Young Remi became topbreeder in the lofts of Jaap Kroese in Leek. She gave severall 1. Pricewinners and acepigeons.

In 2004 Jacob went for the first time to the hospital because of the problems with his lungs. The doctor found out that Jacob had asthmatic bronchitis. He got some medication for it, so he was able to breathe a little better. From that time, Jacob had to go back every year for checkup.

In 2005 Jacob kontakted father and son Wilberg in Germany. They had some really nice Marijke Vink pigeons (mostly lines Koopman) and Dirk van Dyck from Belgium. Jacob payed them a visit, after ordering 2 pairs over the phone. The 2 pairs looked excellent and were taken home, but they showed Jacob some more pigeons, and one of the was Golden Girl, a full sister of Reza and Farah Diba of Marijke Vink. This was an very very nice hen. Then they showed a daughter of Golden Girl born in 2004, and Jacob’s mouth fell open. What a hen she was. He had to talk and talk, in order to make an agreement that he could take that hen home too. After some time they had the agreement, and Wondere Diba (Jacob gave her that name) was taken to Surhuizum, and overthere she gave in 2006 wonderbird: Magic Wonder !!!!!!. In 2005 Jacob ordered 4 more youngsters from Golden Girl, and they were taken in 2006 with a few more.

2005 was the year when Jacob visited Gerard Koopman in Ermerveen for the first time in his life. Jacob had ordered a few youngsters and had taken already some extra money, but still too short. He left Ermerveen with 6 nice pigeons, all for the breedingloft. The following years, every year a few birds went to the lofts in Surhuizum. In 2008 two daughters of famous Dromer were bought, named Miss Dreamcorner and Late Inbred Dromerke. Jacob even ordered a few more, but never got them because Dromer was not fertile any more.

A german friend (Briel Daalmans) of Jacob talked to him a combination in Belgium who had some good results on oneloftraces in severall countries. This was in 2005, and Jacob asked him to kontakt that combination and to order some birds for the future. It appeared that Jacob could get 10 already in 2005, but his young bird loft was already so full, and he decided to place an order for 20 youngsters, to be taken in March 2006. Jacob went there, and came home again with 21 very nice birds. They all were put in the basket, and had to race. This way Jacob could see what was in it very quickly. In 2006 the first good results were there. The first flight 2 direkt from Op de Beeck-Baetens from Putte (B) – that is the name of the combination – won 1 an 2 in the club against 358 pigeons. In combine against 2967 pigeons, the direkt birds won: 6-7-10-11-14-15 etc. After the raceseason there were 18 left of the 21. That is outstanding. From those 18 were 4 excellent good ones, such as Eddy, Olympic Ellen, Royal Jet Junior, Karen and a few other good pigeons as Indyaantje, Esther etc.
Eddy finished 2. Ace in the club (after loftmate Charley’s Lei, daughter of Angel 2), and Indyaantje was 3. Ace in the club. Royal Jet Junior finished 1. Ace last flights in Combine, this against 2.200 birds. In the club young+last flights together the first 3 were direct Op de Beeck: Eddy on place 1, Royal Jet Junior on 2 and Indyaantje on 3. Place. After this success every year a few birds were bought in Belgium for racing by Jacob.

In 2007 Jacob bought another 6 young birds in Putte (B), and raced them just as the first group. Among them was Young Zot, who finished that year as 1. National Young Bird NPO, an result Jacob had never won before in his life. I just want to mention one flight with old birds from Boxtel, 186 km. In the club against 234 birds Jacob won 1 till 10, in combine against 2.507 pigeons he won 41 of 51 price: 1-2-4-6-7-8-9-10-11-16-20-21-23-26-27-28-29 etc. Over the 5 last flights of that year, Jacob won in Combine 76,47% price, an % hard to achieve (they race 25% is price). 2007 became the year of the National and International breakthrough of Jacob, a year he would never forget.

2007: 1. National Ace Young Birds NPO with Young Zot
1. National champion one day long distance Eendaagse Fondspiegel cat. 8
1. National short distance bird for WENC (Netherlands) with Magic Wonder
1. International short distance bird for WENC (West-Europe) with Magic Wonder
2. overall provincial Champion (not-nominated) and 3. Prov. Champ. Nominated
3. Worldchampion Short / Middle (200-450 km) with Magic Wonder

And then came the year 2008!! In the night of 4 on 5 January 2008 there were 77 pigeons stolen from Jacobs loft (among them were about 30 breeders). This was really hard to deal with. But Jacob was glad that they did not steal any of the racepigeons, so after some time he put himself together and tried to forget what happened and set his mind on racing. That year 2008 was going to be his best year ever……….. Again a year he will never forget. It started with a disaster but with a happy end.

2008: 1. National Middle Distance Loft Netherlands
1. National winner Gouden Duif for Holland
1. overall provincial Champion (nominated and not-nominated together) – same as in 2004.
1. NPO (National) on Middle Distance from St. Quentin (423 km) against 13.472 birds
3. Olympic Allroundbird Holland with Olympic Ellen. Olympiad Dortmund in 2009

In 2009 his lungs gave him more and more problems, and his lung specialist said that it would be better to put the pigeons away. He said that every doctor would say that, but Jacob asked for a second opinion. That took some time (another hospital), and he decided that he would cut down his pigeons, with the intention that fewer pigeons were better and gave him the opportunity to still keep pigeons. He talked to Jan Hermans of the Duif in Belgium, and they were willing to do an auction of his birds. All the racers would be sold and from the breeders all, except the breeders from the year 2008. Jacob also bred some extra youngsters in 2009 just to keep some of the best lines for his breedingloft. Jacob also kept the young 2009 racers. The auction was held in december 2009. In the meantime (dec/jan) the results came from the second opinion, and that doctor (he still goes to that doctor) told him that he could keep his pigeons. That was a relieve of course. After the auction in 2009 he was in 2010 the 1. Provincial Loft with young birds and he had the best Provincial young bird (New Zot). In 2011 Jacob finished as 12. National loft on Day Long Distance, racing with mostly yearlings and just a few 2-year old pigeons. He won his first NPO (National) flight on Day long distance with his pigeon Happiness on the flight Pithiviers (624 km) against 7.385 pigeons, and finished over 5 Day Long Distance races as 2. Provincial champion NPO system (nominated and not-nominated together).
His lungs still give him problems, too much even to do what he wants to do, and therefore his dad (83 years now) and his wife give him a hand in case he needs one.

In the last years Jacob had auctions in 2008 in New Jersey (USA), and in 2010 in Florida (USA), after being invited for the IF Convention. In 2007 he had his first auction in Manchester (England), followed by a second one in 2009 and a third in 2011. The results of fanciers who bought pigeons on those auctions, are very good. First prizes in club till National winnings.

In 2010 Jacob visited for the first time China. He went to the exhibition in Chengdu together with some dutch friends. In November 2011 Jacob and his friend RJ went to Langfang and sold birds for the first time in China on this exhibition. The sales were excellent, and they had lots of visitors during those two days. There was a lot of interest in this Top-quality.

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