Jacob Poortvliet - fantastic result in Surhuizum!

Jacob Poortvliet had last weekend his first big triumph this season.
St. Truiden, 274 km – 1-2-19-20-21-22-23-25-45-49 in Top 50 of 1.857 pigeons!

The first pigeon was his first-nominated bird – and one of his favorites – “Rochelle”.

Jacob tells us about “Rochelle”:
As young bird I kept “Rochelle” for 3 weeks at home, because I thought she was not feeling so well. At that time I thought she was a cock, because she was acting like a cock. She missed any prizes on the first 3 flights and looked like she didn’t feel that way, so I decided to stop playing her until she was in better shape.
That took 3 weeks and I think, that I made a good decision, because I probably would have lost here on a flight if I had played her. Now she won as youngster 3 prizes, good enough to keep till next year.
As yearling she won 13 prizes of which 11 prizes were in first 10%.

Pedigree of "Rochelle":

Performance of "Rochelle" over the years:



Father of the winner “Rochelle” is brother of “Eddy” and “Olympic Ellen”.
Her mother is a daughter of “De Zot”.

Brother of “De Zot” is father of “Young Zot”, which finished in 2007 as 1st National Young Acepigeon NPO and bred in 2009 together with “Olympic Ellen” “Happiness”, which won the 1st NPO Pithiviers against 7.385 pigeons in 2011.

“Rochelle” is the nestsister of “New Zot”. “New Zot” was in 2010 as youngster the 1st Provincial Ace youngsters of Afdeling 11 and finished 6th National young pigeon in the WHZB competition.

Fantastic to see such a couple of nestbrother and nestsister performing so well!






Performance of "New Zot" over the years:

Extra information about the family:
“Eddy” is the nestbrother of “Olympic Ellen” and he was too a topracer.
He won in 2008 16 prizes on 16 flights and was 16th National Cock WHZB. Further he finished as 1st Provincial Ace on Middle distance (just before loftmate “Karen”), and was 3rd National Ace Middle distance NPO and 4th Nat. Middle ace in National Comp. WHZB.
Won 1st NPO St. Quentin (423 km) against 13.472 pigeons and 1st of Strepy/Thieu (333 km) against 3.295 pigeons.

“Olympic Ellen” and her nestbrother “Eddy” won in 2 years total 59 prizes, and Jan Hermans of “De Duif” named them as one of the best couples of “twins” ever.
“Olympic Ellen” was for Netherlands 3rd Short and 3rd Allround in the Olympics.
With that result she was the only pigeon in Netherlands at that time which was mentioned in two categories for the Olympics in Dortmund (Germany). But she could only compete in one category, so we let her compete in the Allround class.
“Olympic Ellen” won 14 prizes in 1%. Was in 2008 the 6th best Provincial old pigeon of Afd. 11 with 17 prizes in 18 flights. Finished 12th National Natour ace at WHZB, 35th National Hen WHZB. Besides that she became together with “Young Zot” the parents of “Happiness” as mentioned above. “Happiness” was as youngsters already the best youngster in our club in Surhuisterveen, and the best one over youngster and natour flights together.

“Olympic Ellen”, “Eddy”, “Karen” and “Royal Jet Junior” are all direct from Op de Beeck-Baetens and were the main pigeons winning De Gouden Duif in Netherlands 2008 but also the national title for middle distance lofts NPO the same year.

We congratulate Jacob Poortvliet for this achievement and wish him all the best of luck in 2012!

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