Marc & Geert Pollin - 2 x 1st National in one weeks time!

With already two provincial victories booked down (Bourges yearling and Agen yearling), yet could be a matter of a well succeeded season.  In one week time it became successful beyond their dreams.  Two national victories in a line!!

It can’t be a coincidence that the national champion Long distance KBDB ’13, achieved both of these victories on a +800 km race.

1st National Montauban Yearlings
After two days of delay, because of unfavorable weather conditions (too hot/thundery) in France and Belgium, the pigeons were released on Monday the 6th of July 2015.  The national winner covered the distance of 804 km with a velocity of 1256.45 m/min.

Following result has been achieved:

Montauban   128 yearlings: 1-24-25 (3/3)
Provincial 583 yearlings: 1-153-166 (3/3)
National 2,129 yearlings: 1-377-403 (3/3)

Montauban   177 olds: 2-8-21-24-33 (5/6)
Provincial 784 olds: 12-48-91-100-152 (5/6)
National 3,990 olds: 24-115-259-286-460 (5/6)

The winner MONTAUBAN II BEL14-3027005

One can deduct from his former won prizes that this winner is not being just a chance hit:
1. Nat Montauban 2.129 YL
2. Clermont 328 p.
3. Montluçon 115 p.
11. Zone A1 Montluçon 700 p.
5. Chateaudun 362 p.
20. Prov Chateaudun 4.072 p.
7. Clermont 884 p.

The father is JOSKE BEL09-3091293
A joint breeding Pollin-Thoné, JOSKE is a son of MORTIFER BEL03-3002141 (Olympiad pigeon Dortmund 2009) x SEDNA I BEL04-5026055 of Jos Thoné (winner of a 1st Internat. Narbonne 5870 p. in 2005)

The mother is SISTER NAI BEL08-3090193
A fullsister of this loft's current topbreeder NAI. So she is a daughter of SON TONY BEL00-3241030 (grandson of MONTAUBAN I BEL89-3382432), the sire of NAI and CRUYFF (2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2010) x J&B BEL03-3017314, which comes from Boudewijn Jonckheere, an outstanding breeder and the dam of not only NAI and CRUYFF but also of DORTMUNDER (Olympiad Pigeon Dortmund 2009).


1st National St. Vincent Old Birds
Friday the 10th of July 2015, at 21h20, felt like a lightning, a pigeon from St. Vincent on the board at the Pollin home. From a distance of 896 km and a speed of 1023,87 mpm straight off for the national victory.
The speed of the first pigeon yet shows it wasn’t an easy St. Vincent: ponderous sun, hot summer weather of about 30 degrees,… conditions in which the Pollin pigeons prefer to perform.

Following result has been achieved:
St.Vincent 194 old: 1-19-30-46 (4/6)
Provincial 678 old: 1-67-88-135 (4/6)
National 3.037 old: 1-195-298-436 (4/6)

The national victory St. Vincent has been won by BRUCE BEL13-3016047

This pigeon won already earlier good results:
1. Nat St.Vincent 3.037 p. ’15
4. Argenton 256 p. ’14
45. Zone A1 Argenton 1.648 p. ’14
412 Nat Poitiers 14.094 p. ’14
14. Argenton 414 p. ’13
157. Prov Tours 2.964 p…

The father is SON IGOR BEL12-3013303
Himself more than a decent race pigeon won among others:
1ste Tours 378 p. en 11de Prov. 1.852 p.
IGOR (son of the basic breeder NAI) was paired up with MISS JOSKE (joint breed Pollin – Thoné: MORTIFER x SEDNA I)

The mother is DAUGHTER 12 BEL11-3050053
Nestsister of 2nd Prov. Ace-pigeon Halve Fond YB KBDB ‘11
12 won a.o. 1ste Limoges 385 p. – Nat. 144st 14.211 (son from basicbreeder DORTMUNDER x halfsister 1st Nat. Limoges yl. ’03) was paired with DAUGHTER CADEL.

In the ancestry of both the two national winners you find each time the 3 basic breeders of the colony Pollin (NAI, DORTMUNDER and MORTIFER).

Moreover, those bloodlines aren’t doing great only at the Pollin:
The Pollin pigeons have been doing great in several other lofts as well, winning the following top results:

- Norbert Ally: 1st National Montauban old (50% Pollin pigeon)
- Team De Jaeger Freddy: 2nd National Agen YL. (100% Pollin pigeon)
- Gerard Koopman: 1st NPO Sens (50% Pollin pigeon)

Results season 2015

Agen yearlings (799km.)
Reg. 146 yl.: 1-27 (2/6)
Prov. 619 yl.: 1-114
Nat. 2.767yl: 3-395
Prognosis internat. 4.485 yl.: 3-…

Agen old
Reg. 218 o.: 1-2-8-12-44-70 (7/9)
Prov. 806 o.: 4-5-32-43-144-238
Nat. 3.524 o.: 11-12-68-133-493-821
Prognosis internat. 6.025 o.: 15-16-84-...

Bourges (456 km.)
Prov. 2.101 yl.: 1-121-136-152-253-270-357-368-400-511-605-665 (12/19)
Zonal 1.030 yl.: 1-18-22-30-59-65-105-108-120-164-202-224

La Souterraine (562 km.)
Reg. 138 yl.: 1-8-13-17-19-28-47-48 (8/8)
Nat. 6.205 yl.: 14-166-379-461-469-749 (6/8)

Chateauroux (495 km.)
Reg. 146 old: 2-10-13-16-18-22-26-28-38 (9/9)

We congratulate Marc & Geert Pollin and their family - AGAIN!

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