Marc Pollin - Last years winner Tulle strikes again!

Last season the pigeon BEL10-3182165 won 1st Provincial and 1st Zone of 2.460 pigeons from Tulle 630 km for the family Marc Pollin. Nationally he was as good as 2nd Nat. against 6.817 pigeons!

As a latebred from 2010 he won more nice results in 2012:
2nd Poitiers 548 km against 218 p. - 3rd Prov. against 1.183 p.
3rd L'Aigle 323 km against 114 p.

And this year he was ready again from Chateauroux June 1st 496 km
1st Regional against 387 pigeons, 5th Prov. 3.600 p. and 69. Nat. against 22.295 pigeons.

Earlier this season he won 4th Tours against 684 pigeons - 57. Prov 4.390 pigeons.

He is a son of the famous DORTMUNDER (Olympiad pigeon Dortmund Cat. Fond) and HALFSISTER LIMOGES (LIMOGES won 1st Nat. Limoges Yearlings 2003)

Results from Marc Pollin and family the last weekends:

Chateauroux 496 km against 378 old pigeons:
1-6-8-24-33-34-55-70-73-77-104 (11/11)

Limoges 644 km against 306 old pigeons:
2-3-11-12-30-33-36-37-54-79-90 (11/16)

We congratulate Marc & Geert Pollin and their family with the superstart of the season!

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