The Phenomenon - Jan Van De Pasch and daughter from Grubbenvorst!

National and international is the name of Jan van der Pasch & Daughter a concept; In the Far East it is almost impossible to count all the pigeons from Jan van der Pasch. His name and fame is accomplished because of the chain results that are often realized, but if you have as nickname Mister WHZB and are represented in almost all Olympics, the popularity is easily explained. His pigeons are wanted all over the whole world.

Rightly so, because we have to deal with a super loft in Grubbenvorst with performances of more than 25 years at Global level. Mainly because of his participation in various Olympiads he became world famous. Jan has build up his pigeon strain with the superior lines of the best of Frits and Henk Witjes and his old Janssen lines (Jac Ueberbach, Frans Rutten, Romain Legiest, Gebr. Janssen) is very popular and is because of that spread over the whole world. It is well known that Jan and daughter Leanne are specialists with hens. In the past super hens were: Trutje, Robinneke and Maxima. These hens are now relieved by another series of fabulous super-fly women with the flag-bearer half sister Maxima and Venus (from Frits and Henk Witjes, in 2009 the best allround Dutch Olympiad pigeon for Dortmund).

Some results of 2010 in the Federation Limburg: Pithiviers 4.687 pigeons – 1st (halfsister Maxima)-2nd (Venus)-5th etc. (23/44), a week later race Argenton 4.125 pigeons again the 1st - and again with Venus. Total 24 prices of 30 pigeons!
A lot of fanciers all over the world have great results with the Jan v.d. Pasch pigeons!

Basic Breeder
The basic breeder and most well known pigeon of Jan and Leanne is “LOWIEKE”, a direct Gebr. Janssen pigeon. What this pigeon has performed is really formidable. Descendants with several good hens became at the top of the Dutch pigeon sport.

He is father of: ROBINNEKE 1st Olympiad pigeon Middle Distance Blackpool and 1st Nat. Ace WHZB.
The Olympic TRUUS - Olympic pigeon Lievin
ALEXANDER Olympiad cock middle distance Lievin
MISS LAURA, 2nd Nat. Ace in the Nat. Competition “Best of The Best” and 5th Olympiad pigeon All round Ostende.

And what about the grandchildren of this legendary bird?
Unfortunately, this pigeon has been stolen, when he enjoyed his well earned rest. Eventhough he did not longer fertilized, he would of course still have been on the lofts of Jan.

2011 Titles in the Federation NLU
3rd Middle Distance Champion with pigeon 1920798 and also 7th & 8th Middle Distance Champion with pigeon 09-1433165.
8th Loft Champion Middle Distance
3rd One Day Long distance champion pigeon with 09-1433796
3rd Loft Champion One Day Long distance, 2-3-6-10 Ace Pigeons!
2nd Team Champion One Day longdistance
3rd Loft Champion Youngsters, 4th & 9th Ace Pigeon Youngsters.
Provincial 2 x 1st. At the one day long distance races Tours and Argenton.

Federation District 1: Titles in 2011
7th & 10th Ace Pigeon Middle Distance
7th Loft Champion Middle Distance
6th & 7th Ace Pigeon Pigeon Middle Distance
2nd Loft Champion
3-7-8 Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance
6th Loft Champion
1-2-3-5-6-8 Ace Pigeon Youngsters
3rd Loft Youngsters
1st till 10th Ace Pigeon Natoer.

Federation CC 2008 samenspel
3rd Ace Pigeon Short Distance Rayon A
6th Ace Pigeon Middle Distance
3rd Short Distance Champion
1-6-8-9-10 Ace Pigeon One Day Long distance
2nd Short Distance, Middle Distance, One Day Long distance over-all
1-2-3-4-5 Ace Pigeon old
6th Ace Pigeon Yearlings
2-7-10 Ace Pigeon Youngsters Long distance.
3rd Ace Pigeon Youngters
2nd Champion Youngsters over-all
1st till 6th Ace Champion Youngsters Natour

In the last 10 years - what a remarkable performance!
In 10 years 65 x at the first 10 in all Dutch National Competitions W.H.Z.B. & T.B.O.T.B.
8 x 1st Olympiadeduif
5 x Pigeons at the Pre-Olympiad in Dortmund
6 x 1st Best Fancier Nat. Comp. W.H.Z.B. !!
12 x 1st Pigeon Champion Nat. Comp. W.H.Z.B.
5 x 1st Champion Nat. Comp. ‘Best of the Best’.
4 x 1st Over-all Champion Limburgse Reisduif.
4 x 1st Over-all Champion Federation Limburg & Phoenix.
1 x 1st Over-all Champion de Vredesduif.

NL08-1791201 “DE VENUS”
OLYMPIADE hen POZNAN Polen 2011.
See pedigree of "DE VENUS"

NL09-1433175 ”DE JUPITER”
2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon short distance European Cup Dortmund 2010
1st Nat Ace Pigeon youngsters “Best of The Best 2009”
3rd Nat Ace Pigeon Natour WHZB 2009
Winner of o.a.Rethel 2/2341, Huy 2/4217, Rethel 3/3371, Reims 3/2247, Marche 5/1980, Chimay 7/3713, Sezannne 7/1337, Sezanne 20/15.510, Huy 25/2874 etc.
See pedigree of "DE JUPITER"

NL08-1793041 great-granddaughter “Lowieke”
5th Olympiad Pigeon Polen
11th Nat Ace Pigeon TBOB young 2008
12th Nat Ace Pigeon NPO TBOB 2009
Winner of o.a. 1st Sezanne; 1st Sezanne in Combine & Federation, but also 1st Rethel & 3rd Argenton, 5th Orleans.

Father: Grandson Lowieke “NL06-1337737, who won o.a. 1. Sezanne – 9. Chimay - 14 Isnes – 16. Huy.
Mother: Granddaughter Lowieke “NL07-2069359” - 3. Ace Pigeon Short distance Federation CC 2008, 4. Middle Distance NLU, 8. Yearling Pigeon – o.a.Epernay 3/2533, Epernay 4/2681, Sourdun 5/1472, 7. Rethel.

NL10-1920900 “Gabriella” daughter “Laura” - full sister “De Jupiter”
2nd Nat. Ace Youngsters Nat. competition B.O.B 2010
1st Ace Pigeon Youngsters District 1, NPO Tours 2011 – 1/13244
Tours CC 2008 – 1/419, Tours District 1 – 1/977
Marche 2/523d, Charleville 3/486d, Sezanne 3/1377, Sezanne Prov. 6/4384, Pithiviers 6/1409 Chimay 8/2549, Pithiviers 8/1887, Chimay 9/4005, Reims 9/2175, Reims 18/3261, Huy 28/4000, Marche 31/3993.

NL11-1964753 “De Lorena” - super hen
Is winner as youngster o.a. 5 Ace Pigeon club - Charleville- 1/3762d - Charleville 1/2062 - Charleville 1/421d - Sezanne 1/1463 - Sezanne District 1/2035d - Sezanne 1/250d - NPO Sezanne 29/11969d - Charleville 1/247- Charleville 3/1039d - Charleville 5/2052 - Huy 10/1938 - Huy 13/3602d - Marche 55/3637 - Huy 128/2872 - Marche 140/1112.

Out of the pair “ERICA” NL09-1544193, direct Willem de Bruin
NL04-1114557 “Miss Laura”, Daughter LOWIEKE and winner 2 Nat Ace Pigeon Yearlings Best of the Best, 2005, 5. Nat. Olympiad Allround Oostende, Pithiviers 1/2443 – Prov. Sezanne 3/3187 – Prov. Bourges 4/3626 etc.
So she is again a sister of “De JUPITER” and “De 900”.

The greatest results are mostly achieved with his hens. In this game Jan is a grandmaster and not surprising he like to play with the hens very much. An excellent method is applied here indicates that there is also the female gender top performance can be achieved. Widowhood Hens are kept in such a way that they train twice a day. They live in avirias during the week - through a small door they are let into their lofts after each training.
When they return they get light feed and then feed up during the week. Jan is a big fan of peanuts, he makes his pigeons very tame.
It's a great thing to see how they follow him when he calls them. Leanne has in the meantime cleansed all the lofts.
After the hens had trained the cocks will fly out.

Jan has that opinion that during the season the total widowhood system is more difficuilt.
The cock are not fully in top after some months in the season. So mostly Jan keep the cocks at home at this period.
For example the cock of “Venus”, who was already a few times too late - this was a sign for Jan to keep him home and then “Venus” always will find him after each race at home.

The care
This leaves nothing to be changed. Everything is planned fully - a schedule for training around the lofts and to call in the pigeons always with peanuts.
The feed is also no secret - the normal commercial mixes with lots of products. Jan is very fund of the DHP products, especially Darba-Complet is recommended according to Jan. But also the energy, power mix and the Multi mineral mix.
The care is mostly the responsibility of Leanne - she arranges everything what to have to be arranged. At least 6 hours a day with the pigeons. But for Leanne the pigeons are an indispensable part of her life. Youngsters are learned from the beginning to listen. The youngsters are always vaccinated against smallpox and further there will be only as Jan needed to find a veterinarian to pass. He is a man that used a less medicine as possible, but as much as possible extra products.

There is no doubt that we will see Jan & Leanne strike again on the nationals this year - we look forward to follow their results!

Even before publishing this article they succeeded ;-)

1st, 2nd and 4th of 12.987 pigeons from Pithiviers !!

Excerpts from article of © Hans Schuttelaar, edited by M&C Hansen

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