Team Noël-Willockx - super results on the nationals!

Take a look at the super results of the first national young bird races for TEAM NOËL-WILLOCKX.

From Bourges (456 km) they had no less than 10 pigeons in the top 100 provincial from total 6.736 youngsters.
Club from 330 youngsters: 1-3-4-5-12-13-15-16-20-22-24-25-26-27-28-30.
Association from 2.285 youngsters: 6-17-24-28-47-48-57-59-70-73-77-88-89-96-97.
Provincial 6.736 youngsters: 2-8-14-22-48-49-64-67-89-96.

From Argenton (530 km), the results were even better. They were 1st & 2nd Provincial from 4.235 youngsters, and 1st Prov. against 657 yearlings. 10 pigeons in the top 100 provincial total!
Club from 264 youngsters: 1-2-3-5-6-7-12-13-14-18-20-22-26.
Association from 1.251 youngsters: 1-2-6-14-18-21-38-40-41-53.
Provincial from 4.235 youngsters: 1-2-9-28-33-39-91-96-98.
National from 19.592 youngsters: 15-17-84-250-283-306.
Provincial from 657 yearlings: 1!
National from 4.582 yearlings: 11 (1 in the race)

In recent years, Eddy Noël and Ivan Willockx raced together with other companions, but last year they chose to fly alone from Eddys address in Baasrode under the name Team Noël-Willockx. A full round of youngsters was bred and (only) one yearling pigeon. The first test was the traditional Bourges, and it went brilliantly!

Foundation cock 118
All pigeons on the loft comes from the amazing breeder 118. He has given winners in 7 generations.

To improve the family they have purchased pigeons from:
Bart Geerinckx - Wittekop Sylvester, Gladiator, Acy, Miss Magic lines.
Gaston van de Wouwer – Kaasboer-line
PIPA Elite Center - New Freddy Line

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The Team Noël-Willockx pigeons are doing very well on other lofts:
1. Noyon (167 km) 980 youngsters - Jelle Roziers-Xiang - 50% Team Noël-Willockx
1. Noyon (167 km) 1.263 yearlings - Kris Bishop - 50% Team Noël-Willockx
1. Noyon (164 km) 344 youngsters - Anja Saedeleer - Direct Team Noël-Willockx
2. Nat. Bourges 27.980 youngsters - Jelle Roziers-Xiang - 50% Team Noël-Willockx
3. Nat. Ace-pigeon KBDB great middle distance yearlings - Nico Muylder - 50% Team Noël-Willockx.

The recent years several national ace-pigeons in Belgium KBDB with Team Noël-Willockx blood.

1. Nat. Ace-pigeon KBDB short middle distance youngsters 2010 - Koen Carmeliet - 50% Team Noël-Willockx
3. Nat. Ace-pigeon long distance KBDB yearlings 2014 - Ariën-De Keyser - Direct Team Noël-Willockx
6. Nat. Ace-pigeon long distance KBDB yearlings 2013 - Wesley Limbourg - 25% Team Noël-Willockx
15. Nat. Ace-pigeons KBDB youngsters - Muylder-Noël-Demul - Direct Team Noël-Willockx

All these results with the bloodlines of the foundation cock 118. It will be interesting to follow Team Noël-Willockx on the last national flights.

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We wish all the best to Eddy and Ivan the rest of the season!

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