Lambrechts-Lismont - fantastic season so far - 28 x 1st + 41 x 2nd!


The 2013 season of Marcel Lismont has been really great - 28 x 1st prizes and as much as 41 x 2nd prizes!
From the national race from Tulle he was also 4th Provincial and 17th Provincial.

We are happy to announce that later this autumn we will publish an online auction with this topfancier - please enjoy below and read more about Marcel Lismont!

A lot of toppigeons have come from Lapstreet in Kortenaken from the duo Lambrechts-Lismont.
The last years the loft has only been managed by Marcel Lismont since his brother in law Ferdi Lambrechts unfortunately died a few years ago.

Their results and achievements were and are fantastic!
9 x 1st national zone C, 46 x 1st interprovincial winners!

A lot of Belgian and European fanciers got very good results with young pigeons of Lambrechts-Lismont - and Marcel has kept the quality and continued the topresults from his new loft in his garden - last year he was 1st general champion petit club Fleurus, with old, youngsters as well as yearling - with youngsters the 1st Ace Pigeon.

The old basis of half fond is the founder of the whole colony at Lambrechts-Lismont.
This consists of pigeons of Jan Grondelaers, Prof Van Grembergen, Karel Schellens, Louis De Weerd, Jef Houben, Gommaire Verbruggen, Gaby Vandenabeele, Gebr. Herbots, Jos Deno, Camiel Nulens, Hilaire Surinx, Casimir Reynders, Rene Sterckx, breading together with Maurice Rutten Lossignol-Kermerlinckx,Vandijck-Debeule, Luc Vanthienen,Willy Christiaens,Vandenheede Freddy & Jacques, Jef Vanwinkel,Van Elsacker–Jepsen, and Rene & Patrick Vervloesem.
All these top lines were crossed and sifted very strictly to become a Lambrechts-Lismont top pigeon! These pigeons can fly easily 450 km till 580 km every week.

Marcel likes to play strong on all races, that is why he has chosen for a crossbred with good pigeons of Emiel Lismont, Evrard Lejeune and Rene Lefever.
And last, but certainly not the least, Koen Vandevelde. As Marcel tells: Koen bought some of our best breeders, and we started to cooperate, this became a real success!
Marcel continues: Especially the last 2 years, there has been a close cooperation between us. This is a good move for both of us, we can develope together, we have put the best pigeons of both lofts together.
Sisters and brothers of Acepigeons have been exchanged, young pigeons were moved from Kortenaken to Rummen and vice versa, which led to top pigeons in both pigeons lofts.

Also together with a good friend Camiel Nulens, Marcel exchanges his best pigeons, most of Camiels good pigeons have their descendants at Lambrechts-Lismont.

The pigeon loft
30 couples of breeders are available in the pigeon loft - they stay in breeding boxes. The race team consists of 40 widowers, 30 of them are on the classic widowhood and 10 are on a total widowhood, linked to hens between young pigeons. Each year around 100 youngsters are bred for the race of the season.

The system
All couples are coupled between December 5th and December 10th to start the winter breeding - as well as the race pigeons. In the earlier years, there were no trainings during winter, but now they get to train twice a week. Only during the breeding period they stay inside. Just before the flight season starts, they are together for 3 days and have their training together.

The flight team consists of a group for middledistance and for longdistance, but with one rule, that they all need to race every week. Marcel has done this for years now, and after all these years there are only a few pigeons that cant cope with the rhythm. The race season last until Bourges II. The week after a few hens may enjoy among the youngsters, and they fly on this until Gueret.

Marcel already tried out different systems, by showing the hen or not, and he doesn’t see any differences. To avoid the pigeons getting restless, there is no contact with their partner before the basketing. When they get back home after the race, they may stay together for 3 or 4 hours, as the season progresses, they can stay together until the evening.

The widowers train once a week, and when the season starts, they train twice a week. Hens and young pigeons get outside together. As from august Marcel tried a new system, all pigeons can go outside together. Both, widowers and hens, as well as young pigeons. In the beginning he had to use the flag, but once they knew it, they remain smoothly in the air for 60 min or 65 min.
A large group trains easier than a smaller one.

Young pigeons
The young pigeons are spread in 3 pigeon lofts with aviaries in front of the loft.
Only when the weather is fine, the aviaries are open, and the pigeons can choose between the aviaries or the loft.
The young pigeons are darkened until June 5th. The different sexes are not separated, and Marcel have a very little loss of pigeons.
Important detail, during the season 2011, there was a large basket with drinker in the loft, so they got used to as from their birth.
During the season 2012, Marcel did modify this slightly, and the bowls were fixed on the sliding door. If pigeons get used to this, it will be big advantage for their first time when they have to stay in the basket overnight during a race. Especially during summer when it is getting warmer.

Marcel does not work to couple the youngsters - they find their own motivation. Only during the last flights Marcel makes some couples. Result? - his 1st young pigeon made 18th National in the Gueret race (16.988 pigeons). This pigeon was a hen that was paired together with another hen to a young cock.
The purpose is too to play on the national middledistances wiith these young pigeons.

To get rid of their old winter feathers, the race pigeons get before the season 100% barley. During the season we serve different kind of food mixes. The day after a race they get a super diet until Tuesday evening.(race is on Sunday)
On Wednesday they get Beyers Vandenabeele + Sport and on Thursday Super Energy from Versele Laga.
The pigeons that have to race on middledistance are given Super Energy already on Wednesday.
By arrival after a race they always receive 100% sport + candy and peanuts. They also receive this mix during the week as an extra gift.
The widowers get food separately in their nest - and these nest are cleansed twice a day.
On top of the food Marcel has not used very much this season - but he tried some Herbots products like garlic oil, B.M.T., Optimix and Electro Forte.

The veterinary (friend and neighbor Wouter Kumpen) does a check of the pigeons before the season starts, and during the season.
Before the breading season all pigeons receive a 10 days cure against Paratyphus with a variable product like Baytril or Emdotrim.
Three weeks before the start of the season young and old pigeons receive a 7 days cure with Suanovil. During the season we give Suanovil if needed.
Just before the season the pigeons receive a 6-7 days cure against Tricho, during the season 2012 the old pigeons were treated once with ¼ Flagyl.
The young birds do not need this cure during the season, they had this cure before the season and that’s enough. Twice a week they take a bath and the birds use this fluently.

Top pigeons

1st Interprov Acepigeon Middledistance Yearlings in Petit Club Fleurus 2011
1st Nat Acepigeon Middledistance Yearling Super Pigeon 2011
1st Interprov Acepigeon Middledistance OLD Petit Club Fleurus 2012

Best Results in 2012:
2nd Toury 191 pigeons
10th Toury 374 p
14th Toury 1694 p
17th Toury 740 p
24th Toury 942 p
27th Toury 1427 p
136th Toury 2134 p
137th Toury 1979 p

Best results 2010-2011:
1st Toury 403 pigeons
2nd Nantieul 1233 p
3rd Toury 2360 p
6th Toury 389 p
8th Orleans 1321 p
8th Toury 423 p
8th Toury 127 p
9th Toury 438 p
12th Soissons 804 p
17th Toury 1672 p
21st Toury 801 p
22nd Toury 1670 p
42nd Toury 1054 p
56th Toury 1112 p

40 prizes in 3 years!

Father: 2201916/2007 directly from Luc Vanthienen
G.V. 6130256/2003 F Marien, Son 417/99 Gizmo 2x 1st reward x 998/00 sister Guylian H Menten Olympiade Pigeon South-Africa
G.M. 6390182/2003 F Marien, Daughter 947/99 Jonge Fijne x 453/98 Mitje Van Hove - Uytterhoeven line Bolero en Bange 5

Mother: 2144406/2006 Maurice hen, excellent breeding hen and mother of many top pigeons
G.V. 2209707/2001 Son 144/96 Oude Blauwe Houben x 167/98 Schalie witpen line 2nd nat Barcelona
G.M. 6009510/2004 breeding hen Jos en Jules Engels

Blue Cock, 1st Interprov Acepigeon Middledistance Yearling Petit Club Fleurus 2012.

Best results 2012:
1st Toury 694 pigeons
19th Toury 685 p
48th Toury 1063 p
49th Toury 550 p
80th Toury 1886 p
107th Toury 1872 p
149th Toury 2128 p

13 prizes in Middledistance in 2012

Father: 2163497/2008 line Kletskop Verbruggen and son of top pigeon 573/04
G.V. 2574016/1997 Jonge Schilderij son Broer Kletskop Verbruggen 521/86 x 588/93 daughter half-brother Klestkop
G.M. 2115573/2004 Top hen flew 87st nat Argenton 23078, top breeding hen. Daugther of 023/94 TopVLIEGER on the fond en 20x per DECIMAL x 005/01 Blauw Aske 1st AS Pigeon half fond R Lefevre

Mother: 2163533/2008 Daughter out of two top pigeonsG.V. 2253670/2006 directly E Lismont - Son 934/99 G Croes x 151/01 Daughter 021/00 Rode topvlieger P Lismont
G.M. 2294164/2001 Good breeding hen - Daughter 775/93 Blauwe Grondelaers x 018/93 Blauw Provinciaalke 1 Vierzon prov 1182d and 1 Blois prov 298d


Checker Hen, 1st Interprov. Acepigeon Middledistance Youngster Petit Club Fleurus 2012

Best Results 2012:
21st Toury 2806 pigeons
37th Toury 323 p
49th Toury 1046 p
84th Toury 934 p
112th Toury 2360 p
134th Toury 2054 p

10 prizes on Middledistance in 2012

Father: DE/05/03994460 De Pluimpoot - Topbreeder
G.V. 2196407/2005 Son Broer Kletskop Verbruggen 016/97 x 550/98 Grondelaers grandson Boris + line good yearling
G.M. 2173953/2002 M Voets hen. Daughter 348/96 Geschelpte topbreeder and father of different AS pigeons x 437/96 daughter light colored Deleus

Mother: 5011069/2008 directly Camiel Nulens Daughter De Goede
G.V. 5035846/2001 De Goede - Topvlieger with 1st Orleans 355d, 1st Argenton 202d, 5th Orleans prov 4801d, 15th Argenton prov 1503d, 18th Orleans prov 6883d en 41th Orleans prov 7462d. Son of 372/99 grandson Den 23 Van Elsacker Jepsen x 854/96 Daughter Lange Blauwe Van Elsacker Jepsen
G.M. 5228669/2004 late daughter of the Super. Super 848/95 is a half-brother of Fenomenale and he won o.a. 4th Vierzon prov 4853d, 9th Limoges prov 914d, 20th Vierzon prov 4987d,... x 867/93 Blue white pen Michielsen Wouters

Blue Cock, bred by Koen Vandevelde, 1st Acepigeon Longdistance OLD Obrafo Kumtich 2012

Best Results 2012:
5th Blois 92 pigeons
6th Argenton 340 p
12th Salbris 125 p
14th Le Mans 266 p
16th Vierzon 276 p
23rd Argenton 736 p
25th Blois 430 p

Best Results 2010-2011:
5th Chateauroux 490 pigeons
7th Toury 608 p
10th Bourges 769 p
12th Toury 1670 p
15th Blois 265 p
19th Argenton 970 p
19th Blois 269 p
22nd Blois 256 p
39th Toury 1004 p
67th La Chatre 1091 p
122nd Toury 1987 p
129th Toury 1462 p

Some Results in 2012:
Toury 2179 young pigeons int.prov : 1, 5, 14, 15, 16, 27... 36/54 (fastest of 3.541 pigeons)
Toury 934 young pigeons int.prov : 1, 2, 6, 9, 10... 36/61
Toury 736 old pigeons : 1, 12, 26... 6/8
Toury 694 yearling: int.prov: 1, 18.. 8/14
Toury 323 young pigeons : 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14... 27/40
Toury 2.806 young pigeons: int.prov 4, 20, 21, 28, 39. 34/54 16 per decimal.
Melun 175 old pigeons: 1, 2, 15, 18 4/4
Salbris 1308 young pigeons int.prov : 10, 20, 23, 32... 14/20
La Souterraine 5015 young pigeons semi-national: 224, 335, 413, 450, 470... 10/12
Gueret 4.168 young pigeons semi-national 4, 225, 400, 496, 509, 14/20
Bourges 33.524 young pigeons nationaal 381, 488, 492, 503.. 35/55 and 17 per decimal

In 2012 they had 45 x 1st prizes and 42 x 2nd prizes !!

Some championchips in 2012:
1st int.prov General Champion half fond halve Petit Club Fleurus.
1st int.prov champion first and second half fond Petit Club Fleurus.
1st int.prov As pigeons old half fond Petit Club Fleurus
1st int.prov as pigeons yearling half fond Petit Club Fleurus.
1st int.prov As pigeons young half fond Petit Club Fleurus.
1st General champion Obrafo half fond
1st 1+2 old half fond Obrafo

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