V.d. Kruk - amazing start of the season!

Maurice v.d. Kruk and his family have had a very nice beginning of the season 2012 but the first middle distance flight of the season was nothing else but fantastic!

In the club of Onze Luchtvrienden they did the first prizes and in the city of Tiel the same of the 1.187 basketed in the city for the race from Nanteuil Le Haudoui 357 km.

In the whole federation against 10.206 pigeons they did an astonishing 1-5-6-7-8-9-25-26-27-37-51!!
What a nice "Mothers Day" present of Maurice, Annemijn and Carlijn for mother Iduna.

At the first picture Maurice is together with his daughters Annemijn and Carlijn (Comb. Van Der Kruk-Van Tuil)

Here is Maurice with Willem Van Der Kruk (W.J. Van Der Kruk)

The winning bird DELBERT
The winning bird is a small but very good cock. His name is DELBERT and has raced from the first training as a total widower. DELBERT is a special pigeon and is doing things his own way arriving at the loft. At this flight he lost 1,5 minutes before he entered - still in 1st place - and the week before he lost 2,5 minutes and still made a nice price.

See pedigree of DELBERT

A lot of mixed lines - but fantastic lines all - Kees Bosua, Frans Timmermans and Marcel Diels!

Grandfather from Kees Bosua - son of Chateauroux Duifje

Grandmother fra Frans Timmermans - daughter of his foundation Camelion Bonfire

And mother from Marcel Diels - a small fancier, but very successful and smart fancier!

At the race from Nanteuil Le Haudoui Comb. Van Der Kruk-Van Tuil basketed 31 pigeons and had 18 prizes. W.J. Van Der Kruk sent 40 pigeons and had 30 prizes. So the pigeons are in perfect condition at this time of the year.

The last weeks have shown that the pigeons are in great condition - see super results in the city of Tiel:

12-05-2012 Nanteuil le Haudouin 1.187 pigeons:
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-13-16-21-23-30-31-39-42-43-55-57-62-63-65-69-73-75-77-84 etc.
Van der Kruk-van Tuil 31/21, W.J. van der Kruk 40/31 (1:4)

29-04-2012 St. Quentin 1.126 pigeons:
2-3-13-15-21-28-30-31-34-38-40-47-63-66-69-84-99 etc.
Van der Kruk-van Tuil 32/8, W.J. van der Kruk 44/25 (1:4)

21-04-2012 Niergnies 1.138 pigeons:
1-11-18-20-26-30-35-37-38-39-46-51-52-62-65 etc.
W.J. van der Kruk 44/26, van der Kruk-van Tuil 32/13 (1:4)

14-04-2012 Pommeroeul 1.226 pigeons:
2-5-13-21-24-26-28-29-31-33-44-48-57-58-66-67-70-71-73-80-84-85-90-92 etc.
Van der Kruk-van Tuil 32/121, W.J. van der Kruk 44/31 (1:4)

Super start of the season!

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