Ko Van Dommelen 1st National Narbonne 3.968 pigeons:

Again a national topresult achieved by Ko Van Dommelen, St. Philipsland.

The bird "548" arrived from Narbonne (946 km) early in the morning July 30th at 6.20 - almost the same as the year before when it arrived as yearling from Narbonne at 6.29 making 22nd of 3.850 pigeons.

It has been a fantastic season for Ko Van Dommelen - before 1. Nat. Narbonne, he also made 8th National Pau and 25th National Bordeaux with old birds.

Since 1999 he has achieved remarkable prizes:

1st International Bordeaux yearlings 1995 - 4.141 pigeons
1st National Bordeaux yearlings 1995 - 3.026 pigeons
1st National Narbonne 2011 3.968 pigeons
1st National Dax 2006 - 3.200 pigeons
1st National Lourdes (time trial) 2005
1st National NPO Bordeaux 2004 - 3.175 pigeons
3rd International (2nd Nat.) Dax 2006 - 11.235 pigeons
3rd National Dax 2004 - 13.456 pigeons
3rd National Barcelona 2010 - 7.016 pigeons
5th National Bordeaux old 2009 - 5.183 pigeons
4th National Dax 2006 - 2.300 pigeons
8th National Pau 2011 2.706 pigeons
9th National Perpignan 2004 - 7.645 pigeons
9th National Dax
9th National Ventoux 2003
10th National Bordeaux 2006
11th International Dax 2006 - 11.235 pigeons
13th National Bordeaux 2005 - 2.602 pigeons
19th National Bordeaux
25th National Pau 2004 - 3.571 pigeons
28th National St. Vincent 2004 - 17.098 pigeons
33rd National Pau 2005 - 3.077 pigeons


The family of pigeons is built from the old Jan Aardens - Ko Van Dommelen has the direct line back to the right birds and owns one of the best performing Jan Aarden family.
The father Wim Van Dommelen started this colony - and the birds are still the same. Dark chequers with fantastic "golden" eyes, soft feathers and strong bodies.

The foundation cock no. 1 was the "Oud Brommertje" - a topracer 14 prizes from St. Vincent and Dax. But also the "De Cools Doffer" that Ko Van Dommelen got as a gift from Jan Cools from his foundation couple "Zwartje" x "19" was a fantastic pigeon. The father of "Zwartje" was a direct Jan Aarden grandson of the "Zevenendertig" the world famous grandson of the legend "Zilvervosje".
On top a grandson from another legend "De Dolle" landed on the breeding loft of Van Dommelen.

The newest foundation hen has to be "t Casje Vermeulen" from Cas van de Graaff & Sons - she is mother of the 2 times Nationalwinner (1. Nat. Lourdes + 1. Nat. Dax) "De Paarsborst" - now cock no. 1 at Piet De Vogel - a sister of "De Paarsborst" is the mother of this years 1. National Narbonne.

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