Comb. W. & J. Koelma - fantastic 2012-season!

Comb. W. & J. Koelma – married couple Wim 44 years old and Jolanda 40 years old.
Wim works in the carpenter industry at Jonker Houtconstructie and Jolanda works in the insurance business at Ferwerda Joure.

They have 2 children, the daughter Erika 14 years old and the son Tim 7 months old. Wim and Jolanda are both grown up in pigeon families – and started separately – Wim with his mother Sietske and Jolanda with her father Klaas Lenes.

Wim has always been a keen fancier and was champion in Friesland in 1994. In 2000 they continue together as W. & J. Koelma in Vegelinsoord. They raced all races incl. the 2 days flights. In 2005 they were 9th General Champion Unnominated in Afd. Friesland.

In 2009 they moved to Joure. They purchased several good pigeons – pigeons direct from Koopman, Van Loons from Eijerkamp and pigeons from Heremans Ceusters incl. a full sister “Euro”. That season they only did natour races with late youngsters. In 2010 they started fully with 40 youngsters – and in 2011 the rest of the yearlings were raced – and they won the long distance championship in Afd. Friesland!!

In 2012 Wim has the responsibility for 14 widowers for the short and middle distance while Jolanda has the responsibility for 10 widowers for the long distance. They also have a few hens. Common for all is that their mate is back home, so pure widowers. The cocks are raced every 14 days – the weeks in between they stay at home.

40 youngsters are bred for own lofts. These youngsters are from December/January and are trained very well before the first races. And they are darkened.

W. & J. Koelma have 18 breeding couples – all 40 youngsters are from these couples.

Wim looks for the health on all lofts – normally he looks for problems himself – and if he see something he treats with medicine. The pigeons are fed with All-in-One-Koopman from Wielink. They also get ”snoep” and honey-croquets. This year they have also tried Prange-Suppe a couple of times a week – and they are very satisfied with this product. They also give the pigeons onions and garlic in the water. They clean the lofts once a week – and they give the pigeons a bath once a week.

2012 has been a fantastic season so far for W. & J. Koelma and right now they are in the top of all championships – short as well as long distances – and if you read the articles about Afd. Friesland every week you will read a lot about W. & J. Koelma.

2011 was also a super season – take a look at this list of championships:

ACG 4:
1st Short distance Unnominated and 4th Nominated
1st Long distance Unnominated and 5th Nominated
3rd Youngsters Unnominated and 4th Nominated
2nd Natour Unnominated and 1st Nominated + 1st and 2nd Acepigeon
1st General Unnominated and 2nd General Nominated

Rayon Frisia:
1st Short distance Unnominated
1st Long distance Unnominated
2nd Youngsters Unnominated
5th Natour Unnominated and 1st Nominated + 1st and 2nd Acepigeon
3th General Unnominated and 5th General Nominated

Afdeling Friesland '96:
1st Long distance Unnominated

The Club PV De Zwarte Doffer in Joure:
1st Short distance Unnominated and 3rd Nominated
1st Long distance Unnominated and 1st Nominated + 1st Acepigeon
2nd Old pigeons Total Unnominated
3rd Youngsters Unnominated and 4th Nominated
1st Natour Unnominated and 1st Natour Nominated + 1st, 2nd and 3rd Acepigeon
1st Small General Unnominated og 1. Small General Nominated + 2. Acepigeon
1st General Total Unnominated og 1. General Total Nominated + 3. og 4. Acepigeon.

We wish W. & J. Koelma the best for the season 2012!

A presentation of some of the toppigeons right now:

NL10-1061930 "Afellay"

NL10-1061927 "Kras Beauty" and brother NL10-1061928 "Mooie Blauwe" and sister NL11-1138031

NL11-1138054 "Anastasia"

NL11-1138034 "Rambo"

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