Gebr. Koehoorn - new top results in Goutum!

Super result from the two brothers Sander and Cor Koehoorn in Goutum - from Hapert 27-04-13:
1-4-6-22-29-30-45-57-62-98-99 in Top 100 from 1.380 pigeons in federation 3 in Afdeling 11.

Our hearts and minds are often in the Afdeling 11 Friesland in Holland, because we have a lot of good friends in the Northern part of Holland. We really had a lot of good times there. Some of our best friends are the two brothers Koehoorn in Goutum. We have visited them for many years, and it is always a pleasure. They are both real fanciers, and we learn a lot from them. And we got most of our best pigeons from them.

Last week (week 17) they did again really good in Federation 3 (Leeuwarden area/middle north) in Afdeling 11. Gebr. Koehoorn got this amazing result with only 24 birds in the race from 1.380 birds from 77 lofts.

The 3 first birds were NL12-1039841, NL00-1070527 and NL08-2007225 - all grandchildren of APPIE - a direct Van Loon hen - two of them direct children of HILLY - again showing the world that the Jos De Klak and Louis Van Loon pigeons are fantastic toppers!

In this weekend they scored very well again from St. Truiden making 15-16-22-23-41-46 in Top 50 from 1.303 pigeons and 78 lofts.
The two first pigeons were again NL00-1070527 and NL12-1039841 - so remarkable good weekends for them ;-)

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We wish our good friends more luck in the next weeks!

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