Gebr. Koehoorn - top result in Goutum!

Super result from the two brothers Sander and Cor Koehoorn in Goutum - from Hazeldonk 29-04-12:
1-2-8-10-29-36-42 in Top 50 from 1.301 pigeons in federation 3 in Afdeling 11.

Our hearts and minds are often in the Afdeling 11 Friesland in Holland, because we have a lot of good friends in the Northern part of Holland. We really had a lot of good times there. Some of our best friends are the two brothers Koehoorn in Goutum. We have visited them for many years, and it is always a pleasure. They are both real fanciers, and we learn a lot from them. And we got most of our best pigeons from them.

Last week (week 17) they did again really good in Federation 3 (Leeuwarden area/middle north) in Afdeling 11. Gebr. Koehoorn took 1-2-8 and 10 with only 16 birds in the race from 1.301 birds from 81 lofts. They scored 9 prices from 16 pigeons.

In that occasion we asked them a few questions to get to know more about this result.

1. How many pigeons do you play with?

Normally we have 16 couples in our race team. But in week 17 we only entered 16 on the flight.

2. Tell us about your system. On nest or widowers or total?

From 2005 till 2011 our system was playing the birds on the nest. We really like that system, and we had good results. But this year we are going to fly after 4 flights on double widowhood, which means with both males and females. A week ago was the last flight on big youngsters. And you know the result. This weekend was the first flight on double widowhood. But it was a real bad flight, and we still miss a lot of birds. It makes us sad, and we feel sorry for many others fanciers, because they miss even more birds.

3. How many times did you train before the season?

We train the pigeons for 4 times for ourselves and after that 1 time with the Afdeling Friesland.

4. How do you feed your race team?

We feed the pigeons in the nest with Matador, Wielink and Garvo products.

5. Tell us about your medicine-program

To use as little as possible! We don’t like to give them anything and we have not given a cure for many years now. We visit Doctor Mariën in Belgium and we follow his advice.

6: What can you tell us about the 2 winning birds?

The first pigeon was a cock - NL08-2007256. He is bred from a Dick Postma pigeon “Athos” - a brother of the 88. The mother is a direct Louis Van Loon hen “Nelleke”.
The second pigeon was a female. She is a daughter of “De Louis” x “Desiree”.

(See pictures of parents below)

We did also ask the brothers about their dream for this present season, but right now, after the bad flight and the missing pigeons, the dream has been broken for now. We really understand this, and hope for everybody in Friesland, that they will get their pigeons home - and that the pleasure and enjoyment with the pigeons will rise and new dreams will get back. That is what it’s all about – dreams and pleasures with our racing pigeons!

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