Jos De Ridder - longdistance specialist - yet another splendid season:

Jos De Ridder lives in Asperen, Holland. He is one of the longdistancespecialist in afdeling 7 with 2.500 members - and in this tough neighbourhood he has achieved more than 45 teletekst prizes and other fantastic achievements since 1999.

National NPO Winnings:
1st National Blois 2008 68.000 pigeons
1st NPO Salbris 2008 5.989 pigeons
1st NPO Bourges 2003 8.707 pigeons
1st NPO Pt. St. Maxence 2002 11.070 pigeons
1st NPO Bourges 2001 11.500 pigeons
1st NPO Etampes 2000 12.926 pigeons
1st NPO St. Quentin 1999 6.264 pigeons
1st NPO Creil 1999 5.192 pigeons

Afdeling 7 Winnings:
1st Afd. 7 Breteuil 2009 10.523 pigeons
1st Afd. 7 Epehy 2009 25.641 pigeons
1st Afd. 7 Mantes La Jolie 2008 14.905 pigeons
1st Afd. 7 Morlincourt 2008 20.920 pigeons
1st Afd. 7 Creil 2007 18.490 pigeons
1st Afd. 7 Creil 2006 23.122 pigeons
1st Afd. 7 Maxence 2002 11.070 pigeons

And a lot of Top 10 prices on top.

The present foundation of the family is pigeons from Klinkhamer, Lindelauf, Koopman, Veenstra etc. and Jos De Ridder has built a very good all round strain competing in top from 100 to 700 km.

2008 was a fantastic year for Jos De Ridder and his hens - especially 2 hens:
"Wirramira" - an amazing hen making 1st Nat. Blois of 68.000 pigeons and 1st Morlincourt of 20.920 pigeons.
And "Zitter-Inky" making 1st NPO Salbris of 5.989 pigeons (and again 1st Epehy of 25.641 in 2009)


2011 was again a very good year for Jos De Ridder - in example:
1st Regio 3B Pommereoul 3.484 pigeons
1st and 2nd Regio 3B Nijvel 3.694 pigeons
7th, 8th and 11th Afd. 7 Groene Olijftak 20.961 pigeons
7th Regio 3B Strombeek 3.763 pigeons

See the full list of results at his website

Youngsters from Jos De Ridder will be online at auction here from next week Sept. 19th.

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