Jelle Jellema - 1st and 3rd International Barcelona!

The dream came through!! Jelle Jellema won 1st and 3rd International on the most prestigious Marathon-race in the world - Barcelona!!

We were very happy to see the fantastic result Sunday morning, when we realised that our friend from Nijverdal had made it.
During several years we have arranged online auctions with this fantastic fancier and his super birds and it brings us extra joy knowing how much Jelle has worked for this.   

Here she is - NL11-1292679 - KLEINE JADE 1st International Barcelona 2014!
KLEINE JADE is a very small hen - daughter of DIRKE x JADE.

Pedigree of KLEINE JADE

DIRKE is a son of FOND KOPPEL. As yearling he raced 3 times on 2-days races - all 3 very tough races with headwind - as 2 years 4 times again - in total 7 races, 7 prizes in only 2 seasons!
20. Nat. Pau 2007, 2.342 pigeons
46. Nat. Ruffec 2006, 3.570 p.
48. Nat. Montauban 2007, 492 p.
63. Nat. Bergerac 2006, 3.432 p.
75. Nat. Bergerac 2007, 4.980 p.
468. NPO Limoges 2006, 2.760 p.
527. NPO Limoges 2007, 3.284 p.
DIRKE is a terrific cock - 5 minutes after he arrived from Pau 20. Nat. he was again controlling the floor in the loft!

JADE is a daughter of the famous cock ZWART GOUD and her mother was also a fantastic hen - DE 02.
So a fullsister to toppigeons like SAFFIER, ORION and KIARA.
JADE was a very strong hen - as yearling she raced 89. Nat. Bordeaux on a very tough race - and later in 3 x prizes from Barcelona too:
33. Nat. Ruffec 2006, 3.570 pigeons
48. Nat. St. Vincent 2007, 1.313 p.
89. ZLU Bordeaux 2005, 4.220 p.
207. Nat. Barcelona 2009, 8.042 p.
330. NPO Ruffec 2005, 1.981 p.
472. NPO Limoges 2006, 2.760 p.
503. Nat. Perpignan 2008, 5.622 p.
750. Nat. Barcelona 2008, 7.043 p.
947. Nat. Bergerac 2007, 4.980 p.
1127. Nat. Limoges 2008, 5.685 p.

KLEINE JADE was raced as yearling - missed two times - but raced again stabile as 2 years with prizes from St. Vincent, Orange and Perpignan.
This season she has arrived good and early every race - like 38. NPO Brive 2.200 pigeons.
After Brive she crawled back on her nest, rested until one week before basketing Barcelona. Raced that weekend from Quievrain and then ready to be basketted for Barcelona at 15 days egg.
After the late Worldcup soccer match between Holland and Costa Rica Jelle arrive tired, but early enough to the loft at 4.30 - he saw that 2 pigeons had arrived in Holland.
At 5.14 KLEINE JADE arrived - Jelle was fully awake now!! Or was it still a dream? It was obvious - this was a very good result - so early!
Jelle called his parents and eventhough they were still in bed, immediately they drove to Nijverdal to celebrate!
24 minutes later a new pigeon closed in its wings - and came like a rocket to the sputnik - it was the 1st nominated SILVIE - arriving as 3rd International - wauw!

Pedigree of SILVIE

Was Jelle still in his bed dreaming after the soccermatch?
We feel the goosebumps ourselves - this was not a dream - this is reality!

We send our biggest and warmest congratulations to Jelle Jellema and his familyl!

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