Huub Hermans - keeper of the fantastic TELETEXT-COUPLE!

Last year we wrote about Huub Hermans and his 1st NPO Montlucon win - read here - a son of a fantastic couple - the TELETEXT-COUPLE - the season of 2013 has really shown it for sure!

In the weekend of July 13th the young hen NL13-1493191 did race a 1st price from Charleville in MLS 04 in warm weather and headwind. In the Afdeling of Limburg (south) she won the 8th price against 8.296 pigeons.

She is again a child from the same fantastic and famous topbreeding couple - the TELETEXT-COUPLE.

Huub Hermans performed that weekend:

Charleville 162 km: MLS 04 against 562 Youngsters
1-13-14-18-19-22-23-26-30-34-39-46-65-93-103-112-113-117-135 (19/34p.)
Charleville 162 km: District 8 against 1054 Youngsters
2-25-27-33-35-40-42-45-55-59-67-79-110-156-175-191-192-206-237-254 (20/34p.)

The weekend after a young cock NL13-1493291 did race another 1st price from Rethel in MLS 04 and District 8 in warm weather and headwind. He was fullbrother of the winner from Charleville - so from the same fantastic couple TELETEXT-COUPLE!!

In afdeling Limburg he won a 5th price against 8.338 pigeons!

That weekend Huub Hermans did:

Rethel 197 km: MLS 04 against 510 Youngsters
1-2-6-7-22-25-38-44-60-62-65-97-103-108-122 (15/31p.)
Rethel 197 km: District 8 against 1066 Youngsters
1-2-11-16-42-48-65-75-113-115-119-177-195-206-230 (15/31p.)

Well, the story just continues and continues - the weekend after July 28th - the same cock NL13-1493291 won again - 1st price from Charleville against 1.087 pigeons - and 2nd provicial Limburg of 7.074 pigeons!

A fantastic couple - TELETEXT-COUPLE - parents to 1st prices 3 weeks in a row!!

We congratulate Huub Hermans and his family!!

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