Huub Hermans - A super weekend!

Huub Hermans continues his topping the afdeling - and last weekend was a real super weekend with not only one but two Top-10's in Afdeling 4 Limburg.

His old foundation cock “De Super 015” is already father, grand- and grandgrandfather to more than 50 x 1st prizes and it seems like Huub Hermans has found his new foundation cock “Blue Magic”.

This was what we wrote in last article - and have a look at these 2 results - a fine proof that this family is a true winnerfamily!

1st Bergerac 792 km (MLS 04 and District 8) - 7th NPO Bergerac Afd. 4 3.006 pigeons
(also 45th National of 14.100 pigeons)
With "Miss Blois" - a super hen - now with 5 x 1st (incl. 2 x teletext and 1 x Provincial).

She is a daugther of "Blue Magic" (see picture above) and "Dochter Darryl" (a halfsister Mr. Blue, Pieter Veenstra)

And from Sezanne with youngsters:

8th NPO Sezanne Afd. 4 Limburg against 15.123 youngsters
With NL12-1886814 - child of "Super 954" x "Daughter Super 015"

And look at this serie of youngsters on the flight - 46 youngsters basketed - 31 in the prizes against 15.123 youngsters:

We congratulate Huub Hermans and his family with this super weekend!

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