Johan & Thomas den Hartog - super seasons for a young fancier and his son!

The quality of the pigeons in the city of Culemborg has grown in the recent years.
In particular Arie den Hartog and Johan & Thomas den Hartog are the names that get topresults at National level.

In 2012 Johan was 1st Emperor General Champion Section 7 Central Netherlands!

The son of Johan - Thomas is a boy with the right skills. In 2013 they therefore decided to fly under the name Johan den Hartog & Son together .. There is still plenty of competition for the top spots, but it is certain that Johan and Thomas again will be in the top after 2013.
Their successes are primarily due to their hardworking efforts!
It also features an extreme athlete, 100% motivation and commitment, and that is always (sooner or later) rewarded! In addition to these efforts Johan has built a very strong family of pigeons based on the following pillars:
- Jo Baas, Brakel (mainly lines E & R Grootjans)
- Joop van Vliet, Schoonhoven
- Dick van Oort, Zaltbommel (James Bond lines and super couple)
- Jan Blom, Geldermalsen (in 2013 1st NPO)
- Hans and Gep Hak, Maurik (mainly the Frying-Joode)
(The pigeons of J. Baas, Van Oort and Jan Blom came mostly from a sport friend Willem van Maren)

In 2013 Thomas & Johan stroke twice to the top of their region.
The reporter Piet Roelofs wrote about this:

May 4th 2013 - Johan & Thomas den Hartog, Culemborg, took an incredible win on Pommeroeul in Region 4.
Oh my God , Culemborgers have really won the Pommeroeul! In the first 50 pigeons there are no less than 38 from Culemborg. The first who pulled the trigger was the new combination Johan & Thomas den Hartog. No. 1 was a yearling widower hen NL12-5208421 which raced the 195.315 km as the fastest. She did win the race in 1 hour, 58 minutes and 19 seconds, resulting in a speed of 1650,571 mpm and she had 3275 pigeons behind her.
She comes from a cock from Dick v. Oort, Zaltbommel, from his strong and quick James Bond Line and a hen out the super breeding couple of Eddy Grootjans (Belgium).
The duo Hartog took also 7-8-9-10 and 11 from Pommeroeul. The good old teammate Dick de Vries showed his skills with 2-3-4. And more – Arie den Hartog took 5-6-12-13-14 and 15 in the club of P.V de Zwaluw and got prices from 30 of 37 pigeons making 81% prizes!

July 21st 2013: Johan & Thomas den Hartog, Culemborg, take 1-7-8 in Region 4 at Nivelles.
Region 4 was racing with 2299 youngsters – a lot of new stars were send to Nivelles. The father / son combination – Johan & Thomas den Hartog from Culemborg - had basketed 34 youngsters nice and easy – and had hopes for these young talents. And they were right – both 1st but also 7th and 8th. The best was NL13-1008514 - their first nominated. This pigeon is bred from a cock – that Thomas bought as a bon from their friend and teammate Arie den Hartog (no relations) in couple with a hen from the best breeding couple of Johan - from the lines of Eddy Grootjans, Belgium.
Last weekend it was too the first nominated and flew also a good prize there. This youngster came in at 2 hours, 24 minutes and 13 seconds for the 162.457 km and the speed was 1126.479 mpm.. Jan Puijk from Houten got 2nd place and Jan van Cameren, Beesd got 3rd.

In 2012 - 37 years old and a very good season.
In 2012 Johan played with 28 couples in total widowhood and got as many as five pigeons in WHZB in Top 100.
1st Imperial General of Section 7 General and champion of Region 4 of Section 7
2nd best middle distance loft of Netherlands
2nd Best Hen WHZB with LORENA
In 2010 he was 1st nominated and 1st General Designated Region 4 Section 7
His wife Corry, son Thomas and Anton van de Pol, are his faithful helpers.

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