"Golden Eyes" - Unbelievable but true!:

Philip Carbonaro and his GOLDEN EYES - here he tells the beautiful story (written at April 17th):

On Monday 30th March I received a call from Ms. Irene Cassar, foreign accent English speaking. She told me that she wanted to report a lost pigeon which was found in Greece and as Club President I started to take down the details. Surprisingly I immediately realized that the pigeon belonged to me, I had lost it in February 2015, on her first race from Belvedere in Sicily exactly 155 km from Malta.

Irene also gave me the name of the person who was keeping my pigeon, his name is Mr. Dritan Kashari from Kefalionia, and soon we made friends through Facebook. I was eager to have news of my pigeon and he said the pigeon had been in his house for the past four days. He was willing to send it back to me, but I told him to keep it for some more days as it needed time to recover from its long flight. Mr.Dritan is a bird lover and he once had pigeons of his own and I was certain that he was taking good care of it.

Yesterday morning I found a message on FB from Mr. Dritan that he had set loose GOLDEN EYES at 8.30 am and that it was on its way back home.
In his own words “It did two high laps and flew away in the direction of Malta”.

GOLDEN EYES before her release from Greece

GOLDEN EYES has been released from the Island of Kefalionia in Greece

All day I was impatient, anticipating and thinking whether GOLDEN EYES would make it back home safely. I hoped and checked my loft till late in the evening but she wasn’t back.

This morning I went up again to the loft to check again and to my greatest surprise and happiness - GOLDEN EYES was there sitting on a perch as fresh as flower. I took her in my hands starry eyed. I repeated to myself in awe and disbelief - She’s back, She’s back, She’s back!!!

I had tears up in my eyes, my feelings couldn’t be held and I went through a moving experience which I cannot quiet explain. It was one of my happiest moments, I was awe struck and so emotionally moved by its return. I held her to me and wanted to show her my appreciation by giving her a kiss and let her go back in the loft.

I called my brother Mario telling him what happened that at first he tough that something wrong have happened hearing me so emotional.

It was a long, solo flight of over 600 km, not a mere feat, a straight flight over the large stretch of the Mediterranean Sea from Greece to Malta with nowhere to rest. It was an incredible achievement, an unbelievable and unforgettable experience.

First of all this I would like to thank Ms. Irene Cassar for her first call to let me know about my pigeon. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Mr Dritan Kashari for taking care of my pigeon, for reporting it to the right people and for having had all the initiative and love taking care of GOLDEN EYES and sending her back home. Without his care and dedication I am sure GOLDEN EYES wouldn’t have made it.
The parents of GOLDEN EYES are both Dutch from Jan Aarden bloodlines, her sire is a direct son of 1st National Cahors of Jan Jongejan in 2011 and the mother is the ST VINCENT HEN bred and raced of my late friend Albert Vos.

A message to all fellow fanciers is to never underestimate the power of a pigeon to find its way back home even if it has been lost in a race for some time.
Most of the time you’ll never know where they have been and how long they have flown to come back to your loft.
Our Pigeons are so very intelligent you’ll be left speechless.


What a wonderful story - this is what its all about - the relationship between the pigeons and their fancier!

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