Frans Timmermans - keeper of the fantastic "Camelion Bonfire"-family:

Frans Timmermans and his wife Lidy have been living for the last 12 years in the small and nice city of Wehl with about 7.000 inhabitants.

Frans is a member of the club “De Zwaan” with around 25 members – a topclub in the afdeling 9 with about 2.800 members.

He has kept pigeons since he was a boy – in the beginning together with his brother, who also influenced Frans to begin with pigeons. The brothers were also together when they made one of the most important purchases – they bought in 1994 20 eggs from Ad Schaerlaeckens, Baarle-Nassau. Later on they continued to buy youngsters from Ad Schaerlaeckens – not many, but the best. They had fullbrother of “Supertje”, sister of “De Creilman”, daughter of “Sissi” and son of “Windfighter” – top quality – and together with the hen “Quicksilver” from Hans Leloux these pigeons founded the strain for Frans Timmermans.

To speed them even more up Frans bought pigeons from Belgian vitesse-lofts like Karel Boeckx, Oud-Turnhout, M. & L. Neefs, Wuustwezel and F. Van De Langenbergh, Westmalle.

The “Hermelyn As” (son of “Windfigther”) x “Quicksilver” gave Frans the “Camelion Bonfire” – the most important cock today – him and his brothers and sisters are the most important breeders today.

“Camelion Bonfire” had a fantastic career in the air achieving:
Sezanne 1st of 7.313 pigeons
Epernay 1st of 5.373 p.
Libramont 1st of 3.431 p.
Maaseik 20th of 10.687 p.
Libramont 22nd of 13.428 p.
Bettembourg 24th of 14.422 p.
Epernay 25th of 5.927 p.
Ablis 26th of 5.213 p.
Sezanne 61st of 11.952 p.

But today – as mentioned above – he is even more important on the breeding loft. A very big part of the racing loft with 36 widower cocks is filled with sons and nephews of “Camelion Bonfire”.

See a small presentation from the loft of Frans Timmermans.

NL07-1500795 “Anouk” – daughter of “Camelion Bonfire” x “Blue Miracle”:
After 19th/14.971 directly into the breeding loft

NL09-1957859 “The Body Guard” – son of halfbrother “Camelion Bonfire” x “Anouk” (daughter “Camelion Bonfire”):
1st/1.220 (3rd/33.224), 3rd/10.247, 5th/2.439, 19th/1.754 etc.

NL07-1500800 “De Verloren Zoon” – son of “Camelion Bonfire” x “Barbera”:
1st/1.130, 1st/658, 4th/20.489 etc.

NL03-2067185 “Blue Angel” – son of “Klein Wonder As” – a halfsister of “Camelion Bonfire”:
1st/294, 1st/820, 2nd/2.385, 3rd/4.617, 4th/5.388, 5th/5.373, 7th/12.378, 12th/9.565 etc.

NL05-1057114 “De Bijter” – son of “Blue Angel”:
1st/20.898, 4th/2.809, 6th/11.103 etc. 1st Acepigeon CC Montferland 2009.

NL03-2066788 “Blue Diamond” – halfbrother of “Camelion Bonfire”:
1st/1.610, 2nd/5.540, 6th/5.373, 16th/2.351 etc.

A fantastic family around “Camelion Bonfire”, that has achieved a lot of success the last years - examples:


In Afdeling 9 with 2.800 members:
4th Champion Vitesse
6th Champion Middledistance
5th Champion Middledistance Nominated
36th Champion Sprint
11th Champion Sprint Nominated
2nd Acepigeon Middledistance with “De Mistral”

In Kring 3, Afd. 9 with 500 members:
1st Champion Vitesse
3rd Champion Middledistance
1st Champion Middledistance Nominated
11th Champion Sprint
3rd Champion Sprint Nominated
17th Champion Youngsters
2nd Acepigeon Middledistance with “De Mistral”
3nd Acepigeon Sprint with “De Bijter”
3nd Acepigeon Vitesse with “De Bijter”

In CC Montferland with 100 members:
1st Champion Vitesse
6th Champion Vitesse Nominated
2nd Champion Middledistance
1st Champion Middledistance Nominated
1st Champion Sprint
2nd Champion Sprint Nominated
2nd Keizer Generaal Sprint
10th Champion Youngsters
10th Champion Natour
1st Acepigeon Middledistance with “De Mistral”
1st Acepigeon Sprint with “De Bijter”
1st Acepigeon Vitesse with “De Bijter”
3rd Acepigeon Sprint with “De Mistral”

In Midfondclub Afd. 9:
5th Champion Middledistance
5th Champion Middledistance Nominated
1st Acepigeon Sprint with “De Bijter”
3rd Acepigeon Sprint with “De Mistral”


The championships for 2011 are not calculated yet but Frans Timmermans have not less than 3 times Teletekst in 2011:

Nijvel: 7th of 29.750 pigeons
Nanteuil Le Haudouin: 10th of 5.302 pigeons
Epernay: 11th of 24.817 pigeons

Plus some really fantastic series with youngsters:
Peronne 27-08-2011 2-3-8-10-11-13-14-16-25-31 of 251 youngsters
Pommeroeul 13-8 2011 1-2-3-4-6-7-9-15-16-39-40-54-56-62 of 268 youngsters
Pommeroeul 20-8 2011 2-3-4-5-6-7-13-14-15-16-28-29-30 of 197 youngsters.

And we also know that NL08-1227498 will be 1st Acepigeon Shortdistance in CC Montferland.

Read more about Frans Timmermans and his "Camelion Bonfire"-family at his website

Youngsters from Frans Timmermans will be online at auction this coming Sunday Oct. 2nd.

The fantastic stone-loft in the beautiful garden

A nice racingloft packed with this fantastic "Camelion Bonfire"-family

On the top at the prize-ceremony in Afdeling 9

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