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These pigeons are sold for fixed price so write us at, if you are interested in the pigeon or want to have more information.

To be able to transport any pigeon easier the most pigeons are in Holland/Belgium - you can see the location of the pigeon by the national flag. More information directly to the interested customers.

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BEL12-5162130 - Mealy Cock - Direct Jos Thone - PRICE: € 500,-

Direct Jos Thone - direct from a brother to his famous CAVENDISH!

Sire: BEL09-5061387 BROTHER CAVENDISH - fullbrother to the famous CAVENDISH with 11 x 1st prizes!

Dam: BEL08-5061432 DAUGHTER KANZI - direct daughter of KANZI, daughter of the foundation cock SARS.
On the other side the father is a direct son of NATIONAL HERO 11 x 1st prizes and the worldfamous AVRIL 1. Nat. Acepigeon!

Super offer!


BEL17-4230853 - Blue Hen - Direct Gabriel Catrinescu - PRICE: € 200,-

Amazing topbirds on this pedigree! The pedigree includes RUDY, BLIKSEM, WITTENBUIK, MR. BLUE, DOLCE VITA and HARRY! Dam is halfsister topbird RAINMAN - sold for 24.000 EUR!

Sire: BEL16-4232485. Sire is grandson foundation cock DE WITTENBUIK!!
His Dam is daughter RUDY - a son from basic bird BLIKSEM.

Dam: BEL15-4261063. Halfsister RAINMAN - 1. Nat. St. Vincent and sold for 24.000 EUR! She is also halfsister RAIDER: 26/25949 Argenton!!
Her mother is granddaughter legendary MR. BLUE x DOLCE VITA!! She is also granddaughter HARRY - 1. Nat. Acepigeon longdistance 2009 WHZB, 1/37.728, 1/22.340, 3/21.520, 6/4418!

Super origins!


BEL16-2226461 - Blue Cock - Direct Jos Thone - PRICE: € 350,-

Linebred around the famous foundation cock SARS!!

Sire: B14-2335769 - son of SACHI - 1/23848. Nat. La Souterraine, and she is daughter of FROST x JUSA!

Dam: B12-5030337 SINTA - she is daughter of SARDUS - grandsire to SACHI, and he is son of SARS!
Her dam is JUTTA - 1. Prov. Vichy, 2. Nat. Vichy, 11/510, 2. Prov. Chateauroux, 1. Nat. Acepigeon AVR 2004!

Super Thone pedigree!


NL14-1919213 - Dark Hen - Direct Machiel Buijk - PRICE: € 300,- (SOLD)

Very inbred Aarden hen from Machiel Buijk - wellbuilt with a super eye and the parents of the famous DE DOLLE 61 times on the pedigree!

Sire: NL06-1220364 JONGE SUPERKWEKER - inbred from the famous DE DOLLE lines!

Dam: NL06-1220544 INTEELT FAVORIET - again very inbred around DE DOLLE!

Super Aarden pedigree!


NL16-1858646 - Dark Cock - Direct Machiel Buijk - PRICE: € 300,- (SOLD)

Very inbred Aarden cock from Machiel Buijk - very nice pigeon with a super eye and the parents of the famous DE DOLLE 48 times on the pedigree!

Sire: NL08-1683892 LANGE DOLLE - inbred from the famous DE DOLLE lines!

Dam: NL13-1939059 PRETTY WOMAN - again very inbred around DE DOLLE! Parents and grandparents are fullsiblings!

Super Aarden pedigree!


GB15-P30585 - Dark Hen - Direct Premier Stud - PRICE: € 400,- (SOLD)

Super Geerinckx lines! Granddaughter from the worldfamous foundation cock WITTEKOP SYLVESTER!

Sire: BEL13-6143713 BLUE SYLVESTER, direct Geerinckx.
Here in coupled with WITPEN IJZEREN, fullsister to LUC 1. Nat. Argenton and to IRON LADY 1. Prov. Chateauroux, 2. Nat. La Souterraine, 3. Nat. Argenton!!

Dam: GB14-P31408 WITTEKOP LADY - a fantastic young hen - only raced as young bird but was
1. Nat. Acepigeon Young Birds UKRPRA 2014 and winner of 5 x 1st!


033-15-3697 - Blue Cock - Direct De Rauw Sablon Center - PRICE: € 250,- (SOLD)

Super Gaston Van De Wouwer Pedigree!

Sire: 070-13-0265 RAPPE KAASBOER, direct M&C Hansen Breeding - halfbrother to ANNE LINE - a superhen in SAMDPR 2013! She was 8 times in Top 100. DE KAASBOER is 3 times on the pedigree.

Dam: BEL13-6095244 FIEN, direct Van Eynde-Goovaerts - daughter from TORNADO TOM, son of the famous TORNADO-couple! Again DE KAASBOER on both sides!


GB15-P30957 - Blue Cock - Direct Premier Loft - PRICE: € 200,- (SOLD)

Foundational Geerinckx lines - grandson of RAPIDO II!

Sire: BEL14-6174278 NEW LAD - super lines - grandson of GLADIATOR x MISS MAGIC and WITTEKOP SYLVESTER x IRON LADY!

Dam: BEL14-6303214 MAGICAL MISS - direct daughter of RAPIDO II, so halfsister to MISS MAGIC 5th Nat. Acepigeon.
Her mother is BLUE OLYMPIC - also daughter of GLADIATOR x MISS MAGIC.

Super Geerinckx pedigree!


033-15-3669 - Blue Cock - Direct De Rauw Sablon Center - PRICE: € 250,- (SOLD)

Super De Rauw Sablon Pedigree!

Sire: BEL11-4024557 ANDRE, direct Andre Verbesselt - grandson of legends like SMALLEN 970, 754 SON BAK 17 and MISS JOICE! ANDRE is grandsire to several 1st prize winners.

Dam: BEL12-3158287 MISS FREDDY - superhen bred from 2 halfsiblings to the best De Rauw Sablon ever - the worldfamous FREDDY, LUCKY 848 and BAK 17! Double granddaughter of MISS EXCLUSIVE!


033-17-478 - Blue WF Cock - Direct Pigeon Elite Center - PRICE: € 175,- (SOLD)

Full-brother 0.33-16-541. Sold to Arie Bustraan, Heikenzand in Holland; breeder of NL-17-1320039, a very talented youngster.
NL-17-1320039 won: 1/1.133 Niergnies, 154 km, 2/778 Pt. St. Maxence, 257 km, 42/1.024 Peronne, 183 km

Sire: NL-15-1347607 WHITE ARGENTINO. Direct Herman Beverdam; 100% Geerinckx from best lines. Grandchild ARGENTO: 2. Nat. Argenton 5.208 pigeons.
His sire BE13-6309541 ARGENTINO. Grandchild of several of the foundation pigeons from Geerinckx: Wittekop Sylvester/Willyke/Blauwe Ijzeren/Eenwitpen Willyke.
His dam is BE12-6042552 WIT LEEUWKE. Daughter of ELFPENDER LEEUW, son of LEEUW, and therefore halfbrother to 1st Nat. Ace KBDB.

Dam: NL-15-1767373 MINDY, Geerinckx/Pipa Elite Center via Danny de Voogd. Her sire is DE TERMINATOR, Bart Geerinckx, very good breeder. Sire of:
- 868: 1/468 + 2/782
- 524: 1/671 +2/793
- 523: 2/465 + 3/326
- 611: 5x1st Club
Her dam is CAYGIRL, from Pipa Elite Center and fullsister of the 2 best racers in 20015:
- PORSCHE 911. The new superbreeder. As a yearling he won: 5. Nat Ace KBDB GMD 2015, 7. Nat. Chateauroux 25.617 pigeons, 11. Nat. Bourges 21.484 pigeons, 38. Nat. Z Argenton 5.327 pigeons, 52. Nat. Montlucon 16.982 pigeons.
- BOXSTER won as a yearling: 8. Nat. Ace KBDB LD. 2015, 1. Prov. Brive 860 pigeons/11. Nat. 9.049 pigeons, 72. Nat. Tulle 8.621 pigeons etc.


NL15-1859120 - Checker Hen - Direct Team GPS - PRICE: € 350,- (SOLD)

Halfsister BLACK HAWK - Guy Van der Auwera. Winner of 1. Interprovincial Vierzon 8.105 duer.
100% Bart Geerinckx. Grandchild LUC: 1. National Argenton 12446 pigeons.

Sire: BE-14-6174154 GLAMOUR BOY, Full-brother ACY. She won:
1. Olympiad bird cat. C Budapest 2015, 1. Nat. Zone Bourges 3,750 birds / 8. Nat. 22,663 birds, 1. Nat. Zone Chateauroux 865 birds / 11. Nat. 6,005 birds, 2. Nat. Zone Montlucon 3,721 birds 2013, 2. prov. Montlucon 1,400 birds / 52. Nat. 14,230 birds, 3. Nat. Zone Argenton 3,519 birds / 92. Nat. 22,463 birds, 3. Nat. Zone Tulle 1,817 birds / 9. Nat. 5,976 birds, 3. Nat. Zone Argenton 832 birds 2013 etc.
In this pedigree you can find many of the top pigeons from Bart Geerinckx. FAST BOY, GLAMOUR, RAPIDO I, WITPEN BOURGES, GLADIATOR and SCHOON WITPEN WILLY.

Dam: BE-13-6309562 FAVORITE LUC, direct daughter of LUC - 1. National Argenton from 12.446 pigeons. He also won:
69. Nat. Montlucon - 17,865 pigeons, 139. Nat. Argenton - 11,001 pigeons.
FAVORITE LUC is dam of several good pigeons:
- BLACK HAWK - 1. Interprovincial Vierzon 8.105 d.
- HAWK - 2e Zone/41 Nat. 9.580 pigeons
- SUPER HAWK - 62 Nat. 12.150 pigeons.


BEL17-6262321 - Blue Cock - Direct Team Noel-Willockx - PRICE: € 350,- (SOLD)

Super chance!! Direct from a topbreeder! Dam is 2x granddaughter KAASBOER!!

Sire: BE14-6228677 NOORD. Topbreeding cock - sire to 1/421, 1/297, 5/2435, 6/628, 8/243, 11/268, 12/283, 10/540, 43/4386!
His father is DAVE from Gaston Van De Wouwer, full brother to NOOR 1. Prov. Vierz, 10480 pigeons, fastest 15.359, 17/13.588, 117/22.463, 146/2656, 708/21.827!!
His mother is daughter BENNY full brother to KIM 1. Nat. Gueret 14245 pigeons! She is granddaughter of the foundation cock - DE KAASBOER - his offspring won: 8x1 national, 2x1 semi-national, 1. Olympic pigeon 2009, 2x carwinner SCMDR!

Dam: BE14-4279963 KAASBOERINNEKE from Gaston Van De Wouwer - direct daughter of SERGIO, son direct of KAASBOER! Dam is dam to LISA 19. Nat. Bourges, 4016 pigeons, 22. Nat. Potier , 2708 pigeons, 36. Nat. Bourges, 5666 pigeons.


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