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Week 18 - fifth week of flights in Holland - news from Friesland:

This Saturday the race turned out to be the worst and didn’t finish on raceday. For what went wrong several causes are optional. The weather was clearing around lunchtime and we decided to give it a go at 13.10 for the start of the middle distance race. There was a rainfront in the east of Holland slowly making its way to Germany. The strong east wind made us think the birds would take the westroute which seemed open. When it took until 18.00 before reports of birds arriving came in, it became clear that we underestimated nature and a long wait for our racers had started. From the 18.590 entered birds from 991 lofts some 10% made it back on the first day on this 275-360 km first middle distance race of the season. The sunday weather was much better and made most birds still making it home.

The winner eventually was still celebrated at one of the best lofts of the province. It was Adrie Kors from Steenwijkerwold who clocked a yearling at 18.24 on 308 km, making the winning speed of 978 mpm, just under 60kmph. Only two seasons ago Adrie was the provincial champion and NPO winner. He houses a superb family of racers based on Koopman, Heremans-Ceusters, Bob Berends and Jan Duijn bloodlines. The numbers 2 and 3 both came from Zwaagwesteinde at Mr. Venema and Jansen-Hendriks, both clocking at 19.13 on 350km doing 965mpm.

Adrie Kors and wife - 1st Provincial 18.590 pigeons!

Fed. 1 (north west) 1.532 birds from 87 lofts. Topracer Jakob Draaisma topping his fed. and taking 1-3-7-13-20 and 14 birds on the sheet from 29. Distance to Dronrijp being 332 km and making 885 mpm.
Fed. 2 (south west) 1.001 birds from 50 lofts. For the second week it was sprint specialist Johannes Pietersma from Balk winning his Fed with a 2 YO widowhoodhen. She took a 30 minute lead on the no. 2 making 931 mpm on 300km. The great yearlinghen 208 from Geert Schilstra from Balk again in the top, finishing 3rd on this hard race again.
Fed. 3 (Leeuwarden area/middle north) 1.282 birds from 79 lofts. Winner was the 4 YO favorite nominated of M. Bootsma from Leeuwarden beating competition by 5 minutes. Bootsma took 7 prizes from 12 entered birds with his winner making 907 mpm at 336 km. Runner-up Susan van der Zee to finish second and total of 7 from 15 in the results.
Fed. 4 (middle-south) 1.082 birds from 69 lofts. For the 4th time in 5 races it where the strong Koelma partnership from Joure again crushing competition. They topped the Fed and taking 1-3-4 on 315 km with 930 mpm. Thaeke de Groot in Langweer was taking 2nd and 9 prizes from 18 entered racers.
Fed. 5 (Noord-oostpolder/south) 2.039 birds from 92 lofts. First clocked bird in the province at 18.02 by Ras & Post partnership from Urk, making 953 mpm at 278 km. It was their 1st nominated bird to take a lead of 18 minutes in their Fed. J. Bakker on 2nd place also with 1st nominated. Outstanding were Lelieveld & van der Locht on 3rd and 27 from 37 in the results. Klaas Woord taking 26 from 33, starting at 5-6.
Fed. 6 (north east/Zwaagwesteinde area) 3.948 birds from 226 lofts. It was the provincial no. 2 and 3 battling for the Fed siege, Venema winning it just before Jansen-Hendriks. Arie Dijkstra racing only 26 yearlings, taking 15 positions starting with 4-7.
Fed. 7 (east/middle/Drachten area) 2.069 birds from 99 lofts. Also two no. 1 nominated birds flying for the win. It was R. Zijlstra from Boelenslaan taking the Fed win on 943 mpm racing 342 km with a 4 YO hen. Just before E. Laanstra from Houtigehage on 941 mpm with his 1st nominated 2 YO hen. Wopke Spinder up front with 3-7.
Fed. 8 (south east/east) 1.876 birds from 106 lofts. For second week the Fed win went to Gert-Jan Beute of Wilhelminaoord with a yearling widowhoodhen on 944 mpm at 316 km. He also took the places 3-14-19. Wim van Dijk of Olderbekoop 2-7-18 and Homma bros. also up front again taking 5-16 and 15 from 28 on the sheet.
Fed. 9 (south/middle) 2.112 birds from 95 loft. With the provincial winner Adrie Kors topping this fed. also taking 4 and 16. H. Dikken and son finished 2nd and saw 18 from their 40 racers arrive before nightfall, one of the best performances on the day.
Fed. 10 (east) 1.632 birds from 87 lofts. Former provincial champion Tjalling van der Heide from De Wilp winning his Fed and also taking 3. His winning 2 YO made 928 mpm at 344 km and 9 from 19 in the results. Jan Timmermans from Donkerbroek had a great result by taking 21 from 35 on the racesheet starting at 5.

Gert-Jan Beute - 1st Fed. 8 for the second week in a row!

Despite the circumstances it was mostly the toplofts winning their Fed with lots of favorite birds up front. Most Federations saw the racingtime close around 8.00 on the sundaymorning, meaning that lots of birds made it home early sundaymorning. Keep fingers crossed for many returning birds and lofts full with our feathered friends. (© Buwalda)

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