Jef De Wilder - and his amazing no. 480 - "Junior Kaasboer"!

Jef De Wilder in front of his small widowers loft - the home of the amazing 480 "Junior Kaasboer" - and with the proud M&C Hansen at his side.

When we started our GvW Denmark Breeding Center - with pigeons from Gaston Van De Wouwer - our good friend Jef De Wilder was very interested to race some of these pigeons at his own loft. So he bought a round of eggs from us.

Henrik is taking a good look at "Junior Kaasboer" too!

In 2012 this gave him "Junior Kaasboer"" - but also more toppigeons.

"Junior Kaasboer" has raced all season in the middledistance club - Tussen Vaart Zenne en Nete - for Jef De Wilder - and every weekend he has been in the prizes from the 354 km. Take a look at these fantastic prizes:

July 6th Dourdan 1 of 109 yearlings (fastest of 1/1029)
June 29th Dourdan 1/147
June 22nd Dourdan 11/173
June 15th Dourdan 22/183
June 8th Dourdan 1/279
June 1st Dourdan 13/240
May 25th Dourdan 94/268
May 18th Dourdan 10/274
May 11th Dourdan 19/258
May 4th Melun 59/218

Last year he was 1st (fastest in regio Mechelen 1/1236), 1st and 2nd in the same club as youngster and became 1st Acepigeon in the club.

BEL12-6177480 "Junior Kaasboer" is bred from the best of Gaston Van De Wouwer.

Father: BEL10-6031848 GESCHELPT WITPEN (see pedigree)

Mother: DAN 070-11-4045 BAK 2 DUIVIN
Daughter of BEL10-6031836 BROER HET PRINS (see pedigree) and
BEL10-6031833 TOCHTER LAURA (see pedigree)

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