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Frank and Hans Beverdam

The Combination Beverdam consists of 2 team members Hans (father) and Frank (son). Hans is specialized in breeding with pigeons and Frank focuses on the racing with pigeons. From 1998, father and son started to keep pigeons and within the same year they participated on the races. Frank was in the year 1998, 10 years old and initially started the hobby. One year later, the team made their first purchases by: Jos van Limpt – De Klak, Albert v.d. Flaes and Karel Meulemans. Later on, they invested in several pigeons from Louis van Loon and Lea & Maria Broeckx. The last four fanciers are all from Belgium. It was a matter of time, when they achieved their first results. In 1999, Hans and Frank won the young bird championship (nominated) in region Hoogeveen. In 2000, they won again the young bird championship (un-nominated) and they also won the title ‘emperor-general’ in their union with approximately 24 members. From this moment on, Hans and Frank were always among the lofts, which played for the prices.

The best year of Hans and Frank was in 2007. On national level (WHZB) they won prices in three categories, namely:
• 2nd National ace pigeon short distance WHZB with THE CHIEF
• 4th National ace pigeon middle distance WHZB with DE BIKKEL
• 9th National loft champion WHZB

Besides the above results, they achieved the following results on regional level:
• 1st Sprint championship un-nominated Rayon 9, Division North East Netherlands
• 1st Middle distance championship Rayon 9, Division North East Netherlands
• 1e General championship Rayon 9, Division North East Netherlands.

Breeding loft Nieuwlande
On the 3rd of September of 2012 Hans founded a company especially for pigeons and named it KWEEKCENTRUM NIEUWLANDE. He wanted to focus this attention completely on the breeding of quality pigeons, that will also bring other fanciers luck. The breeding pairs of Hans are a select group of pigeons, because youngsters are first tested by two friend-fanciers. Currently, Hans has created a pigeon family (Breeding line of THE CHIEF), which is very successful on their own loft, but also by other fanciers.

Recent success stories of other fanciers with pigeons of Breeding loft Nieuwlande are:

René Dalmolen (Wedde), wins the 1st price against 1.689 pigeons of the region in 2013.

Peter van Fulpen (Leuth), wins the 1st pigeon middle distance championship of division 8, region 4.
This pigeon (11-1193512) was a grandson of THE CHIEF. Next to this, the 09-099 flew two 1st prices on the long distance. Both pigeons where bred by Comb. Beverdam.

Bennie Stumpe (Groningen), wins the 1st pigeon young bird championship in 2012 with a grandson of THE CHIEF.

Appie Dunnink (Staphorst), flue the 11e price on Gennep against 10.818 pigeons in 2013. He also wins the 1st pigeon young bird championship in 2010 with the 10-1119193. Not only as young bird was this pigeon successful, in 2012 he also won the 4th NPO Orleans of 8.424 pigeons (division 10 – North East Netherlands). These pigeons was again a grandson of THE CHIEF.

Gebr. Leuven (Bovenkarspel), wins the 1st price against 2.910 pigeons in the Region in 2013. They win also the 3rd NPO Blois of 2.980 pigeons in 2010.

Comb. W&E Wiersema (Appingedam), two youth members, have achieved great results with the 11-1193491. This pigeon wins three time in a row the first price in their union. Next this, the pigeon was two time by the first 10 pigeons of the region. This pigeon is a granddaughter of THE CHIEF.

Some other pigeons on the loft, which are very successful crossed with Hans own pigeon family are: a daughter and grandson 83 Jan Ouwerkerk, sons and daughters of the basis pair of Tonnie Kampman, like ORTEGA, JORDIE, ODIN, DIANA, MANDELA and OLGA. Next to this, CHANTAL is one of the finest breeding hens on the loft. She is a daughter of the LOVE
PAIR of Harm Vredeveld. Last but not least, Hans has a direct daughter of the Kannibaal from Dirk van Dijck.

Hans believes in quality and has created his own selection method for pigeons. The musculature, front arm and wings, eyes, plumage, vitality and eventually the results are important subjects to determine the quality of the race pigeon. According to Hans vision is a good pigeon the most important factor for good racing results. A good pigeon has sufficient natural health and does not need many medication. No medication at all is no option during racing season. However, the breeders have been provided rarely with medication and have sufficient natural heath which they through to their youngsters. Next to the pigeon is the loft important to get pigeons in condition (shape) and to the maintain their condition. Frank feeds the racing pigeons twice a day. The pigeons are provided 30 minutes with plenty of food so they can choose whatever the like. During the training of racing pigeons the behaviour is watched closely. Pigeons which are in shape or off-shape are recognised by Frank and kept in mind for the coming race.

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