M&G Casaert - national triumph - again!

Father and son - Maurice and Grégory Casaert - from Nechin in Belgium went once again to the top on one of the classics in Belgium.
Their supercock "Olympic Fifteen" won 1st of 20.577 old birds from Bourges - and was the fastest of all 37.444 pigeons (old + yearlings).
The speed was 1.227,97 mpm for the 401 km.

"Olympic Fifteen" has raced fantastic in his career, so it was not unexpected that he stroke again - look at his results so far:
270.Nat/21.092 Argenton 2009
54.Zone/3.127 Bourges 2009
28.Interprov/4.093 Chateauroux 2010
142.Nat/22.476 Bourges 2010
155.Seminat/8189 Chateauroux 2010
151.Nat/10.906 Bourges 2010
27.Seminat/11.062 Vierzon 2011
11.Nat/20.517 Chateauroux 2011

"Olympic Fifteen" is son of "Blue Magic" - a topbreeder from "Ultra" x "Dior" (daughter "Nasdaq") - et real superpair - and the mother is from Georges Bolle.
Children of "Ultra" x "Dior" have bred fantastic - and already in 2007 Grégory told us that they expected so much from these kids of this couple - yes, and now again a topresult!

The winners of the yearling flight from Bourges with 16.867 yearlings were the brothers Gaie from La Bouverie.
They also live in the southern part of Belgium with 384 km to Bourges, but more east, so they were very happy and proud of this result - "normally it is not possible for us to win in eastern wind".

This yearling is "funny enough" also Casaert strain and both parents are bought as eggs at Casaert-Senechal (older brother of Grégory) - and have a look at the grandmother "Capucine" - a fullsister of "Blue Magic" - the father of the winner at M&G Casaert!!

Huge Casaert triumph in the southern Belgium on this the first national classic from Bourges!

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