Sjaak Buwalda - wins 1st NPO Orange - 2nd Nat. Orange 2013 with HALINA!

We have arrived in the middle of summer and slowly making an end to the racingseason for marathon racing. The cold start of the season and the heat of the last weeks, with a constant dry headwind, dont make it easier for your beloved winged racers. For the semi classic from Orange some 120 enthousiastic Frisian marathon specialists brought 837 provincial favorites to the start of the Rhône Valley derby. In the national section race a total of 1487 racers where entered. This particular race coming from the south-east of France instead of the normal Atlantic route, or coming from the Pyrenees, is always a rock hard race by means of facing the feared Mistral wind head on. On Friday morning the birds where liberated at 07.00 hours with high temperatures during the day, covering 972 kilometers to the winning loft.

As expected it turned out into a very hard race indeed. No arrivals on day one in the northern national section, same as all prior editions. It took until Saturday morning 07.47 oclock until the 3 year old hen named HALINA belonging to Sjaak Buwalda, dived like a hawk to the landing board of her homeloft in Nijemirdum. She produced an average of 893 meters per minute and finished with half a hour lead as 1st of the Frisian provincial race, plus a magnificent 2nd national. After the national classic from St.Vincent which was Sjaaks worst ever, he decided to make a turn for the best, and put this team on natural instead of the normally successfully raced total widowhood. The team was to be prepared for this Rhône Valley semi classic, raced sitting on 14 day eggs. In preparation the team got two training races by car, sending them to 50 and 160km. In the afternoon the hens also trained with the yearling celibacy raced hens.

HALINA raced for the first time in her live on natural, which motivated her for this majestic win. HALINA was bred from a direct Jelle Jellema cock, grandson to legendary ORION and inbred to the superior breeder ZWART GOUD. Her mother is CARICE direct daughter to ROSTEN CEZAR halfbrother to RED RISING SUN 1st Nat. Dax 1999 and halfbrother RODE 348 4th Nat. St.Vincent 2001. CARISE is also direct daughter to Sjaak Buwaldas living legend foundation hen DOUTZEN. DOUTZEN won for Sjaak 1st Nat. Ruffec + 10th Nat. Limoges both in 2006. DOUTZEN is mother to the magnificent MELINDA 1st Int. Limoges 2012 + 28th Nat. Limoges 2011. Furthermore DOUTZEN is grandmother to LOTUS 4th Nat. Orange 2011. Full sister to DOUTZEN is PRADA winning 5th Nat. Bordeaux 2008. Two full brothers to DOUTZEN are father to MAICON 5th Nat. St.Vincent 2010 and to MURCIA 3rd Nat. Cahors 2010. With HALINA another magnificent win was added to this great family of marathonistas. After this great win HALINA was immediately moved to the already impressive Buwalda breedingloft.

We congrate Sjaak with this fantastic victory!

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