Sjaak Buwalda - another great season 2012!!

2012 was another great season for Buwaldas Marathon Maestros!

Right now a lot of fanciers look forward and hope for new success for the season - well hope? - not all believe in hope or luck - at least not in pigeon racing - how else would you explain the champion-lofts being up-front so many times, so many years?
One who doesn’t believe in luck is Sjaak Buwalda, and he has a good reason for it. His top marathon birds again proved their quality in 2012, a hard season with a very cold pre-season, not making it easier for the winged racers. Not two marathon races were similar in Holland, all different settings, weather, hot, cold, rain. Foremost the natural barrier of weather fronts - glass walls in the sky - were much more present than in recent years. Warm and cold colliding over our heads, that hinders our birds extremely.

The first week of June means the start of the real season for the marathon men. In the northern provinces the season opened with the race from Limoges, which meant 833 km to the lofts of Sjaaks racers. As a yearling his tophen MELINDA showed her top class in 2011 by winning 23rd national against a tough eastern wind. On her first race this season, again from Limoges, she topped that winning 1st national & international against 3,200 birds. A fantastic win and fastest of all Holland from the 3 nationals held that day from 17,000 birds. She proved the class of her mother DOUTZEN, who did exactly the same thing in 2006, winning national Ruffec, fastest on the day all Holland, a unique combination. Her father DEYEAN, another unique racer, managed to win 47th nat. Bordeaux and 74th Nat. Barcelona 1300 km against all Holland racers with 200 extra kms to fly. Supreme quality breeds Supreme quality.

Next race all focus was of course on the Buwalda team. The national classic from St. Vincent, 1145 kms to the Buwalda lofts, is the most important race of the national race program. A race held since the 1920s already. Tension was high, after a hold over 4 extra days making it even harder, the birds experienced warmth and headwind. More than 24 hours after liberation it was ROBIÑA who took her 2nd win in a row. The year before she managed to win the September-Limoges provincial. On this hard St. Vincent again she won in the club and took 7th national in the northern section. The fullsister of ROBIÑA was 4th to arrive, hammering the sky like a widower doing his training laps. The team performed well with 7 arrivals in the top 150.

Another top performances was to be seen at the national from Orange with the super talented DIOR up-front. Again a hard race with morning liberation through the Rhône valley and enormous rain fronts coming from the west, making it extra hard. In the early morning the fierce fulldaughter from IVAÑA (85th Nat. Barcelona from Brockamp lines) showed again her potential winning abilities taking 7th provincial and 20th national on this 974 kms race.

In September another semi classic is raced from Limoges, open to all Dutch marathonracers. The much longer night in comparison to the summer months and the moult starting makes it a challenge on its own. Sjaak decided to race all his cocks one more time as it proved a very good start for the upcoming season. This time racing natural and the birds well trained on the road. For some of the older races this meant the 4th marathon race of the season. Another 444 birds came provincial to the start, and Sjaak hammered the result taking; 1-5-6-8-13-18-27-37-40-44-etc. A great finish for the season. The winning bird being a son to BUSHIDO (DRAGO x IVAÑA), the 2nd a son to PRADA and 3rd a grandson DOUTZEN.

So another great season came to an end. The top hens MELINDA, ROBIÑA, SHINE and GIOVANCA plus topper VILLA were all moved to the breedingloft after this, guarantee for future success. New toppers have to come out next season, this is how the Buwalda method works. A strong iron breedingloft based on the best racers will always beat paper dragons.

We send our best wishes for the season 2013 to Sjaak Buwalda!

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