Sjaak Buwalda - came, saw and conquered 1st Nat. Limoges 2012!

14 days ago we had a chat with Sjaak Buwalda about the coming first weekend of marathon-races – and as Sjaak said ”this is the first real flight for me” – and one has to admit – he was fully prepared for it!
He got the first pigeon in the sector IV from Limoges and 833 km of 2.943 pigeons – and the fastest of all 17.986 pigeons!

This lovely hen landed 8.36.02 in Nijemirdum from yet another triumph from Limoges!
This two-years old hen has already shown enough – what a nice prize-sheet so far:
1st Nat. Limoges (sector IV) 2012 of 2.943 pigeons and 833 km.
28th Nat. Limoges (sector IV) 2011 of 3.923 pigeons.
321st Nat. Ruffec (sector IV) 2011 of 3.880 pigeons and 852 km.

And this is not the first time that Sjaak Buwalda stroke at a national. When he worked at the famous loft of the Eijerkamps he succeeded winning 1st Nat. Ruffec with “Morticia” as loftmanager for the marathon pigeons and later in 2006 from the same distance from Ruffec his “Doutzen” won 1st National.
This hen is now the most important breedinghen on the loft of Sjaak Buwalda. Of course there has been a lot of focus on this hen after winning this national triumph so it was natural to couple her to “Deyean” in 2010 after his top prices 47th Nat. Bordeaux in 2008 and 74th Nat. Barcelona in 2009 – and this super couple gave the success!

These perfect lines of “Deyean” and “Doutzen” are really the anchor stones in the breeding for Sjaak Buwalda – present at the breeding loft Sjaak has 18 children of “Deyean” and 14 from “Doutzen” and 4 brothers and 3 sisters of “Doutzen” like “Prada” 5th National Bordeaux 2008, “Mahad” sire of “Maicon” 5th Nat. St. Vincent 2010 and “Avatar” sire of “Murcia” 3rd National Cahors 2010.

As one can see above the pedigree of “Melinda” contains a lot of fantastic pigeons and lines – best of the best from Eijerkamp (Van der Wegen), Menne and Dochters (Van Wanroy) and H. Brakele (Braakhuis/Walpot) – and during several years Sjaak Buwalda has selected his birds hard – and the result is that these lines are the right for Sjaak in Nijemirdum.

We are sure that this is not the last for this season from Sjaak Buwalda – keep your eye on his results from the coming nationals: St. Vincent (1142 km), Ruffec (852 km), Orange (974 km), Albi (1040 km), Cahors (1014 km) and Barcelona (1300 km).

We send our best of luck from here!

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