Marco Braspenning - fantastic new hen - 4 x 1st - in a row!!!

Marco Braspenning has got a new very special hen - BLUE POWER - performing fantastic the last 4 weeks with 4 x 1st in the club!

Saturday June 15th from Nanteuil Le Hau this hen won 1st of 1.203 pigeons and Provincial the 4th of 9.059 pigeons.
The week before she won the 4th Rayon of 1.255 pigeons. With a heavy North east wind. Only the Olympic champions Klinkenberg and Anne van Meerkerk were earlier, but with 30 km. shorter!

The father is BLUE JEROEN - a 75% Heremans- son of JEROEN and BLUE FAVORI - both with great race records!
The Mother is ZUS FORTEZZA - 100% Hermans - a sister of the super pigeons FORTEZZA and DE SPEER from the father Bert Braspenning.
FORTEZZA with 1/2618 - 2/3642 etc. and DE SPEER with 1/1305 - 1/997 !
The parents of ZUS FORTEZZA were KEIRIN x DAMEN - this SPRINT PAIR was sold at PIPA (sale Bert Braspenning).

BLUE JEROEN and ZUS FORTEZZA are the parents and grandparents of several top pigeons, who are still at the loft of Marco Braspenning. A FANTASTIC COUPLE!

And remember - children directly from this super couple will be online in autumn at our auctions!

In example a Son 11-215 FREE FALL (Winner Teletekst, top 10 Provincial) - and again he is father of 12-629 with 1/2654 - and 12/630 with 4/3485.

In January 2011 Marco got the ZUS FORTEZZA from the father Bert Braspenning and bought the cock BLUE JEROEN from Willen de Bruijn - and he did pair up these to pigeons directly and the bred 11-215 & 11-216, soon these 2 pigeons became real top pigeons. So great breed and race results of pigeons, out of top breeding pairs and this only after 2 years!! See more children and grandchildren below!

See pedigree of BLUE POWER.


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