Bert Braspenning - the grandmaster is back - provincial champion with young birds!

Bert Braspenning (76) has, in his more than 60 years of pigeon career on short and middle distance, won everything there was to win in Noord-Holland. Also nationally he was often in the top of the classification after the season. The motivation to win is still there but Bert wants to do this with a smaller number of pigeons. Thats why he last winter sold a large part of his old racing and breeding pigeons. All attention should therefore be established in 2013 on the youngsters. During the training flights he had his youngsters in topcondition because he only lost a few pigeons. He started the races with 59 youngsters and ended with 53. In the club, ZCC, Fondclub North Holland, District and Provincial he won nearly all first championships un-nominated as well nominated.

Bert has raced most of his life with the Janssen pigeons. The first Janssens came in 1952 and the last in the late 90ties. Also from Henk van Boxtel, Kaatsheuvel, Jan Loots, Krommenie and Leen Klopman, Zaandam who all three had direct Janssens.
Bert bought the pigeons needed – and they gave the right resuts - more than a thousand 1st prizes and championships were won by him.
In 2006 Bert was attended by Willem de Bruijn who had purchased from Heremans-Ceusters, and bred one after another ace pigeon from these lines. From the first moment that Bert bought from Willem’s top pigeons from the strain of Heremans his colony got faster and gave the success.
Also worldwide people have had a lot of success with the pigeons from Braspenning – the name sounds by many pigeon fanciers like music to the ears. Furthermore he is also a wellknown and recognized columnist writer, included in the British Homing World (UK) and Pigeon Digest (USA).

The Heremans pigeons of Willem de Bruijn proved to be great in crossing with Bert’s quite heavy inbred strain Janssen. There were even formed two absolute top couples.

THE SPRINT PAIR, Leo Heremans/Willem de Bruijn.
SIRE: NL08-1543616 KEIRIN, blue breeding cock
Gr.Sire: B05-6045578 FLORIS 2e Ace pigeon sprint + natour (son top breeding pair ROSSI x SPINNEKE, she is daughter Olympiade 003.
Gr.dam: B05-6045589 in 2005: 11th Nat. Ace bird (dtr B03-6192523 PETER 2nd Nat. Champion Vitesse x CHARLENE, daughter Olympiade 003.
DAM: NL08-1543606 DAMEN, blue breeding hen
Gr.sire: B05-6045567 FANGIO (from B04-6073838 ZOON PETER x B01-6521674,half sister 444/01 with 7x1e ) x HESTIA, 6th Nat. Champion Young birds (from B03-6192540 HECTOR, half brother DRIE VIERTJES
Gr,dam: B03-6192557 HELGA from nest sister 22nd Nat. Bourges against 49.153 pigeons).
This wonderful SPRINTPAIR gave in 2010 the Fortezza 4th Nat. Ace Vitesse, in 2011 Miss Porto with 21 prizes and Elegance 1th champion general 2012 – 2nd General champion 2011, in 2011 the Speer 2x1e in ZCC, in 2012 Calypso 1st Provincial 6.690 pigeons, in 2013 is born Serena 5th Nat. Ace young birds NPO 3x 1th.

THE EUROPACUP PAIR, Braspenning/Janssen Bros and Leo Heremans/Willem de Bruijn
SIRE: NL05-1214650 SUNNY BOY blue breeding cock
Braspenning/Janssen Bros, full brother stock cock Champ Astro 6x1th with 1th Provincial 7.295 pigeons and 1th Champion General ZCC 2004.
Gr.Sire: NL98-2511529 LAGUNA, 34 prizes (son Super Bristol 8x1e x Vigoroso 1st – 2114p) Gr.dam: NL98-2511511 TWINGO 36 prizes and 1st Champion Natoer in '99 and '01 (dtr. Fidelio 1th – 9.208p x Antiope 1th 4.574pd). Fidelio is son world famous race and breeding pair FELLE 3th NAT. Ace cock NPO 1990 x VAN MOORSEL best Janssen hen ever 20x1th.
DAM: NL08-1543626 STAYERKE,
sister Schanulleke (Willem de Bruijn ) 1st Nat. Ace pigeon long distance 2010 and Olympiad pigeon Poland 2011.
Gr.Sire: B05-6045556 KLEINE BLAUWE Leo Heremans, gr.son Blauw Kampioentje (son B04-6073777 BROTHER ROSSI x B00-6113363 half sister DE JAN and Wonderaske)
Gr.dam: NL04-2056276 GANIEDA (Willem de Bruijn) (dtr. from grandfather Olympic Zeus x Montargis hen,1st Prov.Montargis).
This couple get six winners with total 18 first prizes. The best of them is super hen IDOL 5x 1th in the one day long distance races.


Club BVZ, 40 members:
1st unnominated, 1st nominated

ZCC 150 members:
2nd unnominated,1st nominated Sprint
1st unnominated,1st nominated Middle distance
1st unnominated,1st nominated Youngsters total

Rayon C (200 members) afd.6 NH:
1st unnominated and 1st nominated

Fondclub Noord Holland 450 members:
2nd unnominated, 1st nominated and 1st champion pigeon:
NL13-1098788 FROOME, blue cock from Olympiad pigeon Poland 2011 Olympic Big Leo x Petit Blue (sister 1st Nat Ace pigeon long distance 2010 and Olympiad bird Poland 2011).

Provincial Afd.6 Noord-Holland (1.000 members):
2nd unnominated, 1st nominated and 1st overall champion:
The young hen NL13-1098763 SERENA is everywhere 1st champion pigeon, except in North Holland 2nd,
NATIONAL NPO (20.000 members) she ended against many thousands of pigeons on the 5th place.

PERFORMANCE NL13-1098763 SERENA, 5th Nat. Champion Young Pigeons NPO.
6/7 Duffel : 1st – 495p., 2nd – 1.729p.
13/7 Grimbergen: 10th – 278p. (after 6 loft mates ), 19th – 1.120p.
20/7 Nivelles: 5th – 272p., 27th – 1.035p.
27/7 Nivelles: 1st – 222p., 1st – 801p.
3/8 Arras: 10th – 188p. (after 8 loft mates), 18th – 856p.
10/8 Morlincourt: 5th – 155p. (after 3 loft mates), 13th – 752p.
17/8 Morlincourt: 1st – 116p., 1st – 570p.
31/8 Wolvertem: 6th – 358p. (after 2 loft mates), 18th – 1.477p.

RESULTS SECTION 6 - Noord-Holland, Rayon C:

30/6 Meer (110 km ) 2.476 d : 12-14-15-45-89-189-192-207-211-279-380-438-474-475-523-524-525 - 585-587 (59 / 19)
6/7 Duffel ( 158 km ) 1.957 d : 2-7-18-19-28-30-78-79-80-81-82-84-86-87-93-131-134-162-181-185 - 213-245-260-275-278-337-379-395-400-413-424-459 (57/32)
13/7: Grimbergen ( 177 km ) 1.265 d : 11-12-13-14-17-18-19-52-54-55-56-57-64-65-98-132-133-165-166 - 167-174-234-235-246-249-275-279-295-300 (53/29)
20/7: Nivelles ( 213 km ) 1.217 d : 29-45-46-62-63-65-81-103-113-116-154-158-171-181-182-222-232-277-281 ( 51/19 )
27/7: Nivelles ( 213 km ) 940 d :1-2-15-16-27-41-47-74-85-101-118-130-163-176-185-186-195-197-218- 224 (53/ 20)
3/8: Arras ( 282 km ) 990 d : 10-11-12-13-14-15-16-19-20-35-59-60-61-113-115-128-129-130-144 - 149-156-158-176-177-203-245 (50 /26)
10/8: Morlincourt ( 348 km ) 868 d : 3-8-11-19-26-27-40-51-72-73-85-87-98-101-134-154-156-172-188 - 191-196 ( 49/21 )
17/8: Morlincourt ( 348 km ) 666 d : 1-2-19-34-44-45-66-81-84-90-91-93-121-155 (30/14)

The last race of the season ended with a Provincial winning against 6.690 pigeons, the winner was an older brother of Serena!

We are very delighted to bring these good news from such an important fancier in Holland – good to read that he is back on top – wauw, what a beginning!!
We can also announce that we will open an online auction later in autumn from this grandmaster Bert Braspenning

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