Little Joe - making great results!:

The Baerts-family drew attention to themselves at the end of 2007 by winning the National title KBDB. When Henri and Guy then switched over to the long distance they went to Jos Thone , the wonder boy from As. After a lot of visits they became so close friends that we can describe the Baerts-colony as the "branch Jos Thone". Direct descendants out of the very best from Thone so as the Kleine Molenaar, the Poco, the Sumo etc.. are sitting breeding is Grazen. It's with these pigeons they became National Champion KBDB in 2007 .
Breeding icon is certainly Little Joe, after he achieved the 9 International Marseille against 20.786 p. in very hard conditions, he was removed directly to the breeding loft and with great success (see picture) .
Last years they introduce also the very best of Dr HP Brockamp (from all the toppigeons as there are Euro-Diamond, Mistral, George, etc..) but also some new top pigeons of Mr Thone himself as there are Girder and Guru. Last purchase is the Blue Viagra, a fabulous racer and already proven breeder.

Highlights 2012
1st General Champion long distance Obrafo - Kumtich
1st Acepigeon long distance y Obrafo zone Oost
2nd 1+2 marqued long distance yearlings Obrafo zone oost

The pigeons from Henri & Guy Baerts perform very well at other lofts too in 2012 - see this amazing list of references:
1 National Bari (630 km) against 3.185 p. and 8 National Metaponto (540 km) against 3.529 bred from a halfsister Little Joe and raced by Mr Charly Attard, Malta.

But also:
1 Nat. Acepigeon yearlings CC
4 National Montauban 6.809 p.
4 National Bordeaux 4.971 p.
7 National Bordeaux 4.971 p.
8 Internat. Narbonne (h) 5.098 p
8 Prov. Libourne 990 p.
9 Prov. Libourne 990 p.
10 Prov. Bordeaux 1.004 p. (Fr.)
11 Prov. Bordeaux 1.004 p. (Fr.)
20 Prov. Libourne 990 p.
27 Nat. Pau 1.989 p.
35 Internat. Narbonne (h) 5.098 p
49 Nat. Libourne 7.958 p.
65 Nat. Orange 4.443 p.
80 Nat. Pau 1.989 p.
97 Nat. Libourne 7.958 p.
98 Nat. Perpignan 6.661 p.
No doubles !!!!

Highlights 2007-2011
General Champion long distance Brabantse Unie
Winner "Oscar Fond" Brabantse Unie - 1st marqued on all long distance races - prizes 1:10 (already two times)
Best old pigeon Club de Fond de Wallonie
1st 1+2 marqued Brabantse Unie long distance
1st National Acepigeon very long distance "Superduif"
2nd National Ace pigeon CFW "Route du Rhone" (3 races)
2nd National "Route du Rhone" (3 races with the 3 first marqued)
2nd Prov. Champion KBDB long distance
4th Champion Long distance LCB
3rd Acepigeon Long Distance LCB
4rd 1+2 marqued Brabantse Unie very long distance
7th 1+2 marqued Brabantse Unie long distance yearlings
9th National Ace pigeon CFW "Route du Rhone" (3 races)
1st Best loft long distance old pigeons Obrafo Tienen
1st 1+2 marqued long distance old pigeons Obrafo Tienen
1st 1+2 marqued very long distance yearlings Obrafo Tienen
1st Overall champion 1+2 marqued Obrafo Tienen Zone Oost
1st Best loft Oostbrabantse Fondclub yearlings long distance
1st 1+2 marqued Oostbrabantse Fondclub yearlings long distance
2nd King Oostbrabantse Fondclub

References on other lofts until 2011:
1 Nat. Brive h. 1.232 p.
1 Nat. C Brive 7.467 p.
3 Semi-Nat. Jarnac 3.714 p.
4 Nat. Brive 19.477 p.
4 Prov. Libourne 779 p.
4 Provincial Marseille 614 p.
6 Nat. Cahors 5.441 p.
6 Zone Libourne 2.208 p.
7 Provincial Perpignan 1.084 p.
7 Int. Marseille 19.605 p.
8 National Montelimar 8.232 p.
8 Provincial Libourne 1.078 p.
9 Int. Perpignan h 3.131 p.
11 Nat. Limoges 16.012 p.
11 Prov. Bordeaux 572 p.
12 Semi-National Chateauroux 9.030 p.
13 Provincial Cahors 923 p.
14 Prov. Bourges 2.804 p.
14 Prov. Gien 4.295 p.
15 Prov. Argenton 865 p.
16 Prov. Bourges 1.551 p.
16 National Barcelona 13.503 p.
25 Semi-Nat. Bordeaux 2.728 p.
30 Nat. Tarbes 4.660 p.
35 Int. Barcelona 27.669 p.
36 Interprov. Bordeaux 3.197 p.
46 Nat. Bordeaux 2.309 p.
56 National Montelimar 8.232 p.
62 Nat St-Vincent 8.583 p.
90 La Ferté 4.209 p.
94 Prov. Moulins 2.678 p.
102 Int. Marseille 11.833 p.
104 Prov. Gien 5.113 p.
113 S-Nat. Chateauroux 9.030 p.
120 Nat. Barcelona 12.641 p.
126 Nat. Bourges 16.771 p.
284 Nat. Barcelona 13.502 p.
299 Int. Barcelona 25.750 p.

Just an amazing family built around this fantastic Great Little Joe! An right now online for sale - great opportunity!!

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