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Auction: 11. NL17-1090124 DTR NEW STAR - Hen
Description: Original W. D. Van Tuil.

Sire: NL16-1348041 THE NEW STAR

Brother ANOUK

3th NAT ACE SPEED 2016
1st Prov. ACE Middle distance 2015
1st Prov. ACE Speed distance 2016
1st General ACE Local club 2016
1st Speed distance Local club 2016
1st Middle distance Local club 2015
2nd General ACE Local club 2015

Brother to MARISKA

1st. S-Prov. ACE Middle distance 2016
1st Middle distance Local Club 2016
2nd Prov. ACE Middle distance 2016
2nd General ACE Local club 2016
3th General ACE Local club 2015
9th prov. acebird middle distance’15
Winner of 20 times First 25 prizes

(h) brother SAFIRA
1st. Pont St. Max 885 birds
1st. Quievrain 529 birds (53th against 3513 b.)
2nd St.Quentin 252 birds (18th against 8335 b.)
2nd Duffel 102 birds
3th Quievrain 247 birds
5th Feluy 174 birds
5th Morlincourt 119 birds
8th Pont St. Max 354 birds
11th Pont St. Max 353 birds

Dam: 15-1512467V LEONA

LEONA winner of:
4th Pont St.Max 328 b.
4th Melun 220 b.
14th Pont St.Max 509 b.
27th Morlincourt 326 b.
30th Duffel 228 b.

Full sister to THE POWER
Sensation of 2017 (youngster)
20th NAT Youngsters 2017
1st. Ace S-Regional Youngsters
3th Ace Regional Youngsters 2017
1st. Lessines 1152 b.
1st. Lessines 555 b.
4th Asse Zelik 576 b.
10th Asse Zelik 1429 b.
16th Roye 398 b.
18th Niergnies 441 b.
Lowest price: EUR 100,-
Auction ends: 20-01-2019 16:30:00 CET (10:30:00 New York Time)
Time left:
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Highest bid: EUR 120,-


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Erik Gustavsen EUR 120,- (~ DKK 912) 12-01-2019 01:05:04
1828 EUR 100,- (~ DKK 760) 10-01-2019 19:47:53

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