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Auction: 03. BEL12-6021989 SON CRAZY MAURICE - Cock
Description: Proven breeder. Sire of: Ace-pigeon 4+10 in the section 2015. They won:
2/297, 4/599, 5/474, 12/422, 13/804, 15/553.

Original Roger & Eddy Grootjans.

Sire: BE09-6154329 CRAZY MAURICE. A very good racer. He was 3. acepigeon in the federation ZAV, with at lot of topresults. He was 2/793, 2/629, 3/263, 5/1770, 19/2030, 7/581, 16/1024, 28/2356 all different races. He is a son of the foundation cock DE MAURICE. Super racing cock, and a super breeder. Father and grandfather of many good pigeons! He was coupled with SISTER BLACK JACK. A granddaughter of worldfamous pigeon the KANNIBAAL. Her brother BLACK JACK was 1. olympic pigeon cat A in Oostende.

Dam: BE10-6056302 DAUGHTER SPIDER. Her sire is SPIDER. He won 6. National Ace-pigeon KBDB WENC Dortmund 2007, 3. Ace-pigeon National Het Duivenblad 2007, 2. Ace-pigeon Zav-Federation 2007.

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