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Auction: 03. BEL15-2185008 008 HEN - Hen
Description: Daughter of RADON x APRILLA. Super pedigree!

Sire: B12-5165809 RADON good breeder - he is sire to WILLMA 20/7479 Nat. Bourges.
He is a halfbrother to SHOWMAN, the sire to: MAICKA 6x1, MIZAGE 16. Int. Hens (66.Nat/3648) Argenton.
His own sire, is FATHER SHOWMAN and his own dam, is FAIZA!!

Dam: B10-5031005 APRILLA 5/22442 Nat. Argenton. She is niece to COUSIN, sire to NAFI 1. Nat. La Souterraine.
She is also niece to SACHI 1. Nat. La Souterraine.
Her own sire, is brother to AVRIL 20x1!! Her own dam, is daughter of SUMO x SINI!!
Lowest price: EUR 100,-
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