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Auction: 006. RO13-0000003 DTR GERARD - Hen
Description: Sire: NL05-1936405 GERARD, G. Koopman. GERARD is grandson of GILMOUR son of famous GOLDEN LADY!!

Dam: NL12-1231690 DOLCE 690 H. and E.J Eijerkamp. Daughter LUCKY EIGHTY EIGHT from P. Veenstra who is brother DOLCE VITA 1. International acebird LD W.E.N.C Dortmund 2010. 1. Olympic bird allround.
DOLCE 690 is also daughter of ROSE halfsister BURBERRY 3/9190 NPO Peronne, 16/2998 NPO Blois 2010.
Lowest price: EUR 100,-
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xxx EUR 120,- (~ DKK 912) 22-03-2017 23:30:58
xxx EUR 100,- (~ DKK 760) 18-03-2017 18:13:47

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