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Auction: 20. NL13-1125252 SUPER POWER - Blue Hen
Description: Son of SUPERMAN a superbreeder !!

SIRE: Superman - father of different winners
Gr.Sire: Blauwe - pure Bertie Camphuis
Gr.Dam: Witpen - pure Bertie Camphuis

DAM: Power - 1st ace late races Heremans and half sister Erika 1/29149
Gr.Sire: Mother Erika 1/29149 1/24353
Gr.Dam: Halfsister Olympic Anite (Willem de Bruin)
Lowest price: EUR 100,-
Auction ends: The auction has ended
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Highest bid: EUR 100,-


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xxx EUR 100,- (~ DKK 760) 24-01-2014 19:04:58

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